Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Your Heisman Headquarters

(Thanks to CBS Sportsline for the pic!- link below)

I remember not too long ago when I would jump for joy when I found ANY mention of a Tech football player in the major media - online included. Now it seems we can hardly keep up with the onslaught of commentary. This is my attempt to help bring it all together for you...

The first four links aren't necessarily "Heisman" focused but are lists that feature either Harrell or Crabtree...

Props to "Manuel" who spotted me the ESPN link - and to various folks on the raiderpower.com football forum that helped with the others...

Race for the recordbook - CBSSports.com

Scout.com: Tuesday Question - Midseason Bests

FOX Sports on MSN - BCS - Loose Ends: Bests, Worsts of NCAA season

NCAA Football Freshman Watch - CBSSports.com

Heisman Links:

ESPN.com - Heisman Watch

SI.com Gene Menez: Tebow leads wide-open Heisman race

NCAA Football Heisman Hopefuls - CBSSports.com

2007 Heisman Watch - AthlonSports.com

SportingNews.com - College Football - Heisman Watch: As fluid as the Top 25

Rivals Video - No mention of Harrell at all - so don't bother

Wreck 'em.

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