Sunday, October 21, 2007

We are in the company of the beautiful people

I'd like to thank another Tech grad for linking us up...

Sonya Jones of Sonya's Gotta Scream.

Sonya is a Capricorn, likes travel, property rights and long afternoons at Jones Stadium.

Her blog roll really tells the story, though. She links up everything from Vegas lines to right-wing news and in the process is making many men quietly wonder if she's single.

More evidence that going to Tech will make you smart and wealthy and that while the landscape of the South Plains might not be beautiful, the women more than make up for it.

Thanks for being on board with DiscoTech! and for linking us up!

1 comment:

Red Sonya said...

wow - thank you for the accalades - I am truly honored to be a double alum from Texas Tech and do my best to let everyone know just where I come from and how we Texans do things while living in the great northwest - Guns Up!