Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The 1976 La Ventana

A few months ago one of DiscoTech!'s contributing writers convinced me that I need a new project. After all, I have so much time on my hands...idle hands and all.

What kind of a project? He convinced me to buy about 2 decades worth of Texas Tech"yearbooks" aka "annuals." For those non-Matadors - we call that volume a "La Ventana."

After my initial purchase I have gone on to purchase other volumes with the intent to collect them all - like they're Matchbox cars or something. And yes, Mrs. Moneypenny has thrown around the phrase "Complete waste of money." Whatever, I don't gripe when she spends $85 on "skin clarifier."

Anyhow - I pulled out an annual to show you guys how much fun this is (for me), so now you get to suffer like the rest of the family...

The 1976 La Ventana actually covers the 1975-1976 school year, so the Football team's Gator Bowl season is in a volume I do not yet own (please feel free to e-mail the blog if you have one you want to unload)...

This volume jumped out at me for a couple of reasons not the least of which was this page:

You see President Red Andrews, the Red Raiders had already become predisposed to the enjoyment of Bear Meat as a culinary delight. So much so that we whipped up on Baylor 33-10 that year under first year coach Steve Sloan.


This year's annual is also unique in that is is not traditionally bound - it is actually a series of about 14 "magazines" that are held together with two metal binding screws (think of a two ring binder, but much classier...

The Sports are in the magazine "Sports Illustrated" with registered trademark and all...and the Greeks are bound in a magazine that I would have never expected. But, it was 1976 and the sexual revolution was underway...

As fellow contributor Ignatius J. Reilly would say "This is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." There's even a centerfold! She is of course clothed - but is dressed in full Playboy Bunny attire (not to be confused with Turtle or Johnny Drama's bunny attire).

Take that Baylor - Texas Tech was affiliating themselves with Playboy to the extent that they even got Hef's explicit permission to use the bunny logo and magazine header (I'm sure there's real magazine publishing jargon for that) in the University's Yearbook!

I'm still stunned - I don't think there's any way that such a thing would get published in our annual today...but it's still fun to crack on Baylor.

The cover girl above happens to be Annette Jones, a Junior from Fort Worth...she like sewing and whiskey and she just might make your gun go off...

Lastly I found a picture of our Chancellor!

I noted a few things here...

Chancellor Hance maintains wonderful eye contact as any politician should - but I'm quite sure he's a man like any other so the photographer probably held back the photo of Hance checking out this beauty's rack...so I'm quite sure an "A" was reported to the folks back home that semester for Photojournalism 2308.

Also, Hance is sporting the three piece chalk stripe which has returned to the scene...but sadly you can see the carnation on his lapel from Plainview.

Hope you enjoyed our family slideshow...now go tell Aunt Joyce to get me another drink - I'm losing my buzz.

PLEASE NOTE: You can click on any of the pages and make them larger - but the pics may enlarge to a such a size that you may need to adjust to a smaller size...if you want to read the text on the pages it will be sufficiently large enough to accommodate that.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Camping Raiders

Wes Welker in Patriots camp from Patriots.com

Also a feature story on Welker at the team site today...

Key Dawson at Indy...via Colts.com

So far no luck getting any pics of Filani in Titans camp (50% of the pics are of Vince) or Manny with the Lions or Gabe Hall at Colts camp.

Also, I can't find any mention of the players in any of the local paper's camp reports...I hope no news is good news...

Any links to stories or pics that you run across will get posted here as soon as I can get them.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

35 Days to Kickoff

Our countdown continues with a YouTube video that was uploaded by "slulionsfan." Whoever you are - we thank you. In the spirit of out new found respect for our opponents and our desire to pull our double wide out of the mire, we refuse to deride this person. Despite the fact that in his description of the video he comments "Here comes Zorro." *rolleyes*

I tell you - it's incredibly difficult for me to comment on this directional school's negative interpretation of our treasured mascot. But I won't call him/her an idiot or a loser (or a looser). I won't make any comments whatsoever about their school being the equivalent of a Junior College to the mighty LSU.

And you know why I won't say these things? Because we're the fools who scheduled them in the first place.

I am so ready to hear that band welcome us to football season!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hey AJ Editors - pass me the bong...

Just after the AJ decided this was a good idea...

They came up with another...because stuff likes this makes sense when you're paranoid.

I've quoted my favorite part of their opinion, such that it is:

Raider Power: Raise sportsmanship bar


Perception is everything - and the perception others are getting of us is not good. In fact, the universities who visit here for athletic events go back too often with a bitter taste in their mouths.

We're rude, we're argumentative - we are downright disrespectful. And that's not just college kids - that's community members alike - and it needs to stop.

Toward that end, the Texas Tech Spirit and Sportsmanship Committee, comprised of administrative staff members within the athletics department, is kicking off Raider Power, a bold new initiative aimed at increasing school spirit and improving sportsmanship.

The campaign defines Raider Power in four words: "Honor, Respect, Pride and Tradition."

School spirit abounds not only within the walls of campus buildings and arenas but flows throughout the community and becomes a common bonding factor across all groups of people.

The differences we share both socially and economically are brought together by our love and passion for Texas Tech and our beloved Red Raiders.

For all these reasons, we encourage and support Texas Tech in its latest effort to create an atmosphere of Raider Power that fosters competition motivated by mutual honor, respect, pride and tradition.

We're not trailer park trash, and it's time to stop acting like we are.


For a little background and the Athletic Department's news release you can visit this link.

First, I applaud the University. To take extra care to focus on sportsmanship and school spirit is a noble cause and it is a difficult task on any campus. College students and alumni alike are prone to imbibing in adult beverages and depressing the "Hey - this may be a bad idea" part of their conscience. I have no issue with the school in this matter - I would take it as a matter of course that they would have a program already in place for this type of education.

On the other hand, the AJ has clearly conducted a fair amount of research and interviewed well known sportsmen who are above reproach in this matter. You know, like Dave South, the entire student section of Folsum Field, our best buddies the Cal Golden Bears....

Should I go on?

Because the list is a long one.

I especially favor the sportsmanship argument from the Aggies who claim that they are the paragon of virtue while you visit the Tacklebox...or even while they throw punches at each other in the South end zone of The Jones and attempt to blame it on the GAP kid...who looks like he has a mean streak like Chuck Liddell.

I want to be sure I'm crystal clear on this...I do NOT think all Texas Tech fans are perfect or even well behaved....except for the GAP kid who is a FREAK!

My take on college football fans in general is the same as I view fans of any sport...the majority are well-behaved and the minority ruin the other's good names...

But the AJ has clearly been reading, and worse, believing, what they hear about us from our rivals.

Lubbock AJ: "Uh Mr. Sooner, after Taurean Henderson scored a touchdown on the final play of the game did you feel like we represented Tech in the best light?"

Sooners: @#$##$%!#$!@$%@!

Lubbock AJ: "Trailer Trash, huh? Well, we'll have to work on that! I'm sorry to have bothered you. Yes, you can certainly get back to watching Jerry Springer now..."

After all, our Athletic Department sure doesn't have a problem rubbing a once in a decade victory in our opponent's nose now do they?

I've sat with former Tech football players who said that they had objects thrown at them and were generally shocked by the bad behavior of fans at road games at Georgia, Penn State, Ohio State, North Carolina and of course Colorado.

I also know that our fans have mentioned on more than one occasion that the best place to watch a college football game is at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln - that they were treated like champions there.

But I wonder...did the good behavior at Nebraska happen because of the Athletic Department's leadership, all of the championship banners...or because their local paper intimated that the alumni, students and Lincoln residents were "trailer trash"?

The AJ should be careful that the speck in their eye is not a log.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Mike Leach gets me to post while on vacation

God I love this guy.

Big 12 Media Day yielded two great interviews with Mike Leach. But really, is that a surprise? If I were to have a chance to chat up the head coach - I have no doubt it would be a blast.

The two audio links cover one story in particular - Mike Leach describes the new NCAA anti-gambling video that was distributed to athletic departments this year...

Before you listen, if you are a Lubbock Police Department officer, this may be too much for you...it might make your blue polyester pants tight - and that may be against the law.

1620 AM - The Zone

I think everyone's in agreement that


Is bad news for everybody...

The next has Leach on the phone with Brian Estridge sitting on on Galloway and Company on ESPN 103.3...

Listen very close at the very beginning of the intro when Leach is about to speak - you can hear his daughter say "You're on my cell." I think that's why he mentions disciplining his kids later in the interview...BTW - the first 4 minutes is a less intriguing version of the same story you heard in the above link.

The treat in this track is how he weaves Benjamin freakin' Franklin into the interview.

Now I'm really in big trouble - I've got to go back to the pool...Mrs. Moneypenny is not going to be happy with me.

Hat Tips to Bob Knight's Eyebrows and RedRaiderDFdub of the Raiderpower.com forums...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Big 12 South

I was holding off writing this until Football season got a little closer but I'm so ready that I can't wait any longer. The Big 12 Media Days have really got my mind totally on Football again. So, from the media days this is what I gather from the South teams.

Well, what can I say, they are Baylor. They can pull an 18-Wheeler up a hill but the Little Train That Could just won't cut it in the South. Guy Morriss just does not have the players to get this team out of the cellar this season.

Season Prediction: 4-8
Wins: Rice, Texas State, Buffalo, Colorado

Oklahoma's chance at a Big 12 Title will rest in the hands of the 3 guys that will be battling for the nod behind center and their ability to get the ball in the hands of Malcolm Kelly. Patrick proved that he can carry the ball last season behind that monster of an offensive line. Defensively, this team has a solid secondary and if the front seven can get to the ball then they could be a nasty defense.

Season Prediction: 8-4
Wins: North Texas, Utah State, Tulsa, Colorado, Missouri, Iowa State, Baylor, Tech

Oklahoma State has a very scary team to me this year and I think that this is the year that they will outshine OU. Reid at quarterback will be conduit between Bowman at WR and the two backs Savage and Toston. If Reid learned from last years OU game then this offense can be an absolute monster. On the defensive side of the ball the secondary could use a little work but the aggressive style of this defense can cause some turnovers.

Season Prediction: 10-2
Wins: Georgia, Florida Atlantic, Troy, Tech, Sam Houston, K-State, Texas, Kansas, Baylor, Oklahoma

Texas return McCoy and most of his receivers from last year and then throw in Charles and Texas is very tough to beat. If McCoy can stay healthy, Texas will win the Big 12 Title. The defensive front seven is one of the best in the nation and if the secondary can replace what they lost they will be a top 5 defense. So just like last year the fate of this team is on the health of McCoy.

Season Prediction: 11-1
Wins: Arkansas State, TCU, UCF, Rice, K-State, OU, Iowa State, Baylor, Nebraska, Tech, A&M

Franchione has A&M back to thinking they are world beaters and rightly so after the embarrassing loss to Cal in the Holiday Bowl. Fran must first decide on what kind of quarterback he wants McGee to be and stick with it. Lane could be a hell of a back if they use him consistently. Defensively A&M returns a lot of starters from a bipolar defense. Until the defense can play on an even keel don't look for them to win any games for the Aggys.

Season Prediction: 6-6
Wins: Montana State, Fresno State, Louisiana Monroe, Baylor, Kansas, Missouri

This Tech team has so many questions on both offense and defense that I can't honestly tell you where they will stand. Harrell, Crabtree and Woods (Yes, he will be the starter) will put up the numbers but others are going to have to make plays consistently. Defensively the secondary will be strong and if the front seven can get their crap together and ease the burden this can be a top 25 Defense.

Season Prediction: 8-4
Wins: SMU, UTEP, Rice, NW State, Iowa State, A&M, Colorado, Baylor

Big 12 South Standings:
1. Texas
2. Oklahoma State
3. Oklahoma
4. Tech
5. A&M
6. Baylor

Mountains of crap

Well, what a kick to the gut for cycling fans. On Tuesday, Alexander Vinokourov, who with his stitched-up and septic knees had won Saturday's individual time trial and Monday's mountain stage in the Pyrenees, was DQ'd from the Tour after testing positive for blood doping. While he's innocent until proven guilty, and while it's a French lab doing all the testing and what not, it's a real shame that it's not just Vinokourov, it's his whole damn team that's been kicked out of the Tour. It's guys who have protected him, Team Astana's best hope for an overall win in the Tour, who as far as we know have done nothing wrong themselves. It's guys like Andreas Kloden, himself in the Top 10 and with a legit shot at a podium finish in Paris with his abilities in the still-to-come individual time trial on Saturday, who are now out of the Tour for something he was not, as far as we know, involved in.

And all of this came a day after the Minister of Kazakhstan (I looked it up this time) announced that Astana would sponsor the team for 10 years. Just go back to 2006 and the STILL unresolved issue with Floyd Landis and his high testosterone levels following the Tour. Team Phonak, Landis' team, completely dissolved after that.

But enough of that, it'll play itself out later.

On Wednesday, there's some high drama to unfold. High as in 2 Cat 1s, a Cat 3 and 2 HC climbs, including the finish up the Col d' Aubisque...16.7 kilometers of climbing to finish the day. It's going to come down to a showdown between Alberto Contador and Michael Rasmussen (in yellow). Rasmussen has a couple of minutes on Contador...but Contador attacked him in the closing pedals of Sunday and Monday's mountains. And you know he will attack him again today. The question is when? Will he save it for the Aubisque and try to gain some time there?

Contador can out time trial Rasmussen on Saturday, so if he can put some time into that lead today and get it down to about a minute or so......it could get real interesting on Saturday. I don't recall a final time trial leader change since Greg Lemond won it by 8 seconds in 1989, and again took the lead in the final time trial the following year.

Levi Leipheimer can out time trial him as well....but I just don't see it for Levi this year. Contador is his teammate and will ride in support of Leipheimer, but Contador is the one who can outduel Rasmussen in the mountains, not Leipheimer.

After Wednesday, it's 2 flat days and we'll be able to pretty clearly sort out the picture for Saturday's time trial.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sport/Not a Sport?

Running of the bulls.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A day in the Pyrenees

And what a day it was, with a Cat 2 climb to open the day's 122-mile ride, and then back-to-back HC climbs with a mountain finish atop the famed Plateau de Beille, scene of many a great day in the Tour de France. All of the major contenders were there, and then they all began to drop like flies.

First, it was Vinokourov who showed the grit and guts of the champ of Khazaksthan, - I'm not sure how you spell Kazahkstahn so I've spelled it differently every time - that he is in Saturday's individual time trial, winning it by more than a minute and by more than 3 from Rasmussen, the Tour leader. But he paid for it on Sunday and was dropped by the Peloton as they ascended the Beille. Ultimately, he could only wave at the cameraman on board the motorcyle closest to him as it sped away.

As they went up, Alejandro Valverde went bye-bye, Iban Mayo cracked, Cadel Evans fought deep into the Beille before he, too, had to let go, Soler was dropped, Carlos Sastre floated away and Levi Leipheimer, who later admitted that sudden accelerations up mountains just aren't his style, just had to keep turning over the pedals as Rasmussen and Alberto Contador rode away into the mist.

In the end, it came down to Contador and Rasmussen, marking each other every step of the way, attacking each other to try and rid one of the other, before Contador crossed the line ahead of Rasmussen by about 2 bike lengths.

For their efforts, Rasmussen keeps the Yellow Jersey again, and Contador moves to 2nd place overall, but Rasmussen put serious time between himself and Cadel Evans. That's important because no one believes Rasmussen can beat Evans in the individual time trial still to come on Saturday, and he needs all the time he can get.

On Monday, it's Day 2 in the Pyrenees, another brutal day for the mountain goats to show their stuff. There are 2 Cat 2s, a Cat 1, then an HC, then a Cat 1 climb up the Col de Peyresourde.

Can Rasmussen and Contador duplicate yesterday's efforts? Contador is a rookie teammate of Leipheimer's...did he stretch Rasmussen enough yesterday to allow Leipheimer to make a move today? We'll see as it plays out today. I'm in the office today, so I won't watch it until tonight...so don't call me and tell me who wins.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm going on Vacation

Bond J. Bond will be taking a week off beginning tomorrow...I will be headed to a remote beach where I can relax with Mrs. Moneypenny. I've told my co-conspirators to keep it up while I'm out.

Important dates while I'm out...

Monday - Tour de France Stage 15
Tuesday - Cowboys begin Training Camp
Wednesday - Last day in the Pyrenees
Thursday - I attempt to rehabilitate my liver for the final push...
Friday - The tremors from lack of internet access begins to effect my putting.
Saturday - I arrive home to find that Q has written a dirty word in my yard with Roundup
Sunday - Sleep, Advil, Burger, Tylenol, repeat. (Also the trip into Paris for the TDF)

Keep your Guns Up and...Go Disco!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Tour starts today

The first Individual Time Trial is this morning in the Tour de France, the day that we could really start to see some sort out amongst the main contenders. It's raining this morning on the course, so it should make for some interesting racing.

It's not an incredibly difficult course and it comes after 2 days on relatively flat ground, so speeds should be pretty quick, though it does hold one Cat 4 climb. But this morning there's also a new cloud hanging over the men in lycra, as Tour leader Michael Rasmussen is having to "non-confirm" reports that he was kicked off the Dutch national team for not being available for drug testing. Cycling has had such a problem with doping that cyclists have to check in with Momma quite regularly to tell her where they are, in the event there's a new scandal and quick samples are needed. Well, apparently Rasmussen was not available a time or two and missed a couple of team tests anyway. Also, there were reports that his testosterone level was high following a training ride some months back, similar to what happened with last year's Tour winner, Floyd Landis.

I've never been sure about the whole testosterone thing. I've had crazy testosterone levels after long rides myself, but it was usually a drop in the level and just made me tired. Maybe higher levels helps you stay awake longer, but when I'm hurting out on the road somewhere, I seldom think "Man, wish I had me some more testosterone."

Back to the day at hand, Rasmussen is not a great individual time trial guy. The guys chasing him are much better, including American Levi Leipheimer, who sits 3:53 back of Rasmussen. Alejandro Valverde is in 2nd and is a good rider. Iban Mayo is 3rd, but more of a mountain guy from Spain, so he's not much of a threat in an ITT. Cadel Evans could make some noise in this event, as could Carlos Sastre. They're both pretty good at both disciplines, mountain and the ITT. One of the interesting ones to watch will be Discovery's Alberto Contador, who's had a great Tour thus far and can ride fast or climb fast, and I think he could be in Yellow at the end of the day. He's Leipheimer's teammate but is ahead of him in 5th. Andreas Kloden of Germany will be a force today as well, plus it's fun to hear Phil Liggett say "Kloowwwden" 75 times in a deal like today.

Should be great racing, if they can keep the bike upright in the rain. The last rainy time trial I can remember was 2004, one of Armstrong's close-call wins over Jan Ullrich. Ullrich, a threat to beat the American that day, crashed in the rain and then got into a shouting match with his team captain's car, which he felt was following too closely.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Only 45 More Days...

'til the return of everyone's favorite team:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SI.com: Swoopes Stole the Show

Nice read from SI.com.

Source: AP

Swoopes, as in hoops

Texas Tech star stole show in 1993 NCAA title game

By Kelli Anderson

The 1993 NCAA women's basketball Final Four, held in Atlanta, was notable for a number of reasons: It was the last year of the 48-team tournament format; the first year the Final Four sold out in advance and the first time a Vegas bookie issued a betting line on the games. He made Vanderbilt a four-point favorite in the semifinal against Texas Tech, which showed how little he and, by extension, most people outside the Southwest Conference knew about Sheryl Swoopes, the senior forward for Texas Tech.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shout out to TVTanLine for this gem

BTW - tell me you got a screen cap of Walsh's back with his new Pablo Escobar tat and "Medellin" over the top of his back...that was freakin' classic.

Kind of a good segue to the pic I wanted to give you the HT for:

TVTanLine - he's the shiznit.

3 days in the Alps

With the Tour de France running clockwise in 2007, the riders run through the Alps first this year, and it's been an eventful 3 days. Not so much in terms of one of the favorites - or anyone for that matter - putting their stamp on the Tour as the guy to beat. But it's been more about the favorites just sorta hanging around near the top, or crashing out altogether.

Monday was a rest day and then Tuesday's Stage 9 opened with an HC climb - that's Hors Categorie, French for Beyond Category, which is bigger than a Cat 1, which is kinda like the guys who come up with these rankings took a look at the HC mountains and just said, "Aw fuck it, we're going over it anyway, but I'm not ranking it." In any event, I can't remember a time when I've seen a stage start with a climb like that right out of the chute. And then, later, there was a Cat 1 climb that led straight into the Col du Galibier, a famed HC climb in many Tours before.

SOLER HERNANDEZ Juan Mauricio, a relatively unknown Colombian rider on a Wildcard South African team, took the stage win. Michael Rasmussen, who picked up the Yellow Jersey after a stage win in Sunday's vicious stage that included a Cat 4, Cat 3, Cat 2 and 3 Cat 1 climbs, held onto Yellow after today's stage. Levi Leipheimer (Discovery) finished 6th overall on the stage for Tuesday, and remains the top American in the Overall Classification - that's "Standings" for us Americans. He's 3:53 behind Rasmussen, who's about as big around as his bike frame, but can climb like a madman.

Leipheimer continues to ride strategically and has yet to strike out in an effort to put time into the other major contenders. But, this is only Day 3 in the Alps, and the Pyrenees loom ahead next week, so there's more miles to cover and more mountains to climb.

In the last couple of days, it's been real interesting for some of the supposed contenders. Alexander Vinokourov lost more than 3 minutes to the stage winner today, and more than a minute to the Yellow Jersey. Sunday, Michael Rogers was the Tour leader on the road - meaning that if the stage had ended at that moment, he'd have been in Yellow. Well, it did end right then...for him anyway, after he slid into a guard rail and suffered injuries serious enough that about a 1/2 hour later he abandoned the Tour and is out. I'm sure his injuries were significant, but in cycling, there's alot of mental anguish that goes into it as well, and I've been out on the bike before and not felt that good physically, and you can find yourself sinking into a bit of despair as you turn the pedals over. I'm sure that played into it some for Rogers as well on Sunday.
So it's on to Wednesday and back to some flatter ground for a few days. There are some climbs, but only 4 I think and they're of the Cat 3 and 4 variety, so it should be a bunch finish set up for a good sprint. For those who are left, anyway. Robbie McEwen, who won the first stage of this Tour, is out after finishing outside the time limit on Sunday. Danilo Napolitano, another sprinter in the group, is out as well.

Borat Crashes the Tour de France

Monday, July 16, 2007

Southern California's Pop Warner Superstar

This kid has some Wes Welker qualities to him. Don't be surprised if Pete Carroll is already on his "Recent Calls" list. Maybe we can get him to leave his home state and come to Texas in 10 years.

*Warning* - Language, NSFW

Cody's runs

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My dog (Maui) misses Tech Football

Can't you see the sadness?

Man's best friend needs some football.

Texas Tech on your iPod ...


I wish Marisa would return my iPod

There's Someone Rational in the Lubbock DA Office!

Sex may not be illegal in Lubbock, after all!

Lubbock A-J Article

No charges filed in sex device case

The Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney's Office dismissed a case against a local peddler of sexually oriented material, a prosecutor with the office, Tray Payne, said Friday.

Payne declined to comment further.

It is the third time that the man has been cleared in a case of similar nature.

Police charged lingerie shop owner Gary Evans in May with promotion of obscene devices, citing a portion of the Texas Penal Code that prohibits the possession of six or more obscene devices - described "as a dildo or artificial vagina, designed and marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs."

Undercover police discovered dozens of such devices inside a closed cabinet at the rear of Somethin' Sexy, Evans' lingerie shop on Slide Road. They seized about 120 items from the shop, including a vibrating thong and vibrating tongue rings.

Here's the part that gets me.

The same police officer - Cpl. Bill Bates - was involved in all three of the investigations, court documents show.

It seems to me like Cpl. Bates has a vendetta against sex. When did sex ever do him wrong?

Here's a suggestion to the LPD: Remove Bates from all investigations regarding sex. They're stupid and a waste of taxpayer money.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Dear Lord, Deliver us to a BCS Bowl

(Click to enlarge)

Big HT to Custer's Doctor of Raiderpower.com forums fame...

BTW - we need to get an image of the Football Schedulr Poster so that we can submit it to The Wizard of Odds...

An unattentive Storm

http://view.break.com/330538 - Watch more free videos

More Cuban news...

A disco tech! Exclusive! - Mark Cuban's Application

After learning that Mark Cuban has submitted an application to purchase the Chicago Cubs, disco tech! decided to ask our secret contacts within the Major League Baseball office for a scan of said application. This is what we got:

Thursday, July 12, 2007

At last, the mountains...

...well, sorta. Finally some elevation on today's stage in the Tour de France, with some Cat 4 climbs, a couple of Cat 3s and a Cat 2 in there as well. The day was expected to splinter the field some, and it did a little. But it was also expected that it might take the yellow jersey from Fabian Cancellara, which it did not, though he tried when he almost wrecked it taking a corner while trying to possibly run away in the closing kilometers and win the stage.

In the end, Filippo Pozzato took the day, making good on a promise before the stage started that this was a day that could be the day for him, and also giving Phil Liggett a chance to say "Leaky Gas" copious times, as the Leaky Gas boys rode towards the front all day and finally a Leaky Gas boy took the day.

It was an interesting day on the roads with some freaky crashes in some innocent places. Andreas Kloden went down about 3/4 of the way through but managed to get back into the Peloton. Then, Alexander Vinokourov, perhaps the favorite to win the whole thing this year, went down late in the stage at a time when the Peloton couldn't slow to wait for him. Six of his team members dropped back to help get him back to the field, which they never quite made and Vino dropped more than a minute to the Yellow Jersey today.

As for the Americans, George Hincapie is 5th overall after a 6th place finish today, :43 seconds behind the leader, Levi Leipheimer is 22nd, 1 minute behind Cancellara, Chris Horner is 41st, 1:13 behind the leader and Fred Rodriguez, Christian Van de Velde and David Zabriskie are all more than 5 minutes back of the Yellow Jersey heading into Friday's stage.

And speaking of that:

There's not alot you can expect to happen on Friday. It's a flat day with a couple of Cat 4 climbs for the field, which usually navigates those together without much trouble. Expect an attack early from a group of 4 or 5 to try and stir up the sprinter's teams, but also expect the Peloton to gather them back in before the finish and set things up for Saturday, which promises to be a brutal day with 2 Cat 3s, a Cat 4 and a Cat 1 up the famed Cole de Colombiere, which comes late in the stage. Expect Cancellara to hang onto Yellow for one more day and the sprinters have the stage on Friday before giving way on Saturday to the men expected to challenge for Yellow in Paris.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Something I got for my birthday

Tervis Tumblers

they rock my socks.

Sorry - no pix - the Tervis site won't let me have access to them.

They are available at Orvis.com if you want to buy them online...

Cheers, Raiders...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Double T Nation Roundtable

We've never done this before you know, we're so new at this. That hasn't stopped us from anything thus far. And it won't stop us from making a fool of ourselves now.

Apparently "Roundtable" posts work thusly: We asked Double T Nation a few questions and he has answered them at his site, so please visit our Tech blog buddy to see how Seth has answered these same questions. We still wonder why the table is round, but whatever.

Just so you know, yesterday was Bond J. Bond's birthday. I had pledged to my spouse that I would not turn on my PC for 24 hours so that we could spend time together. Crack is less addictive, I'm sure. I'm still a little jittery this morning, so bear with me...but baby, I'm back!

Here we go...

When do freshmen report to Fall Camp?

Bond J. Bond: We know that players should start reporting August 7, but wonder if anyone out there has any inside scoop as to when practice dates actually are.

I really can't wait.

What does the future hold for Tech Baseball now that Spencer is on board?

Jacque Strap:
Spencer will be the shot in the arm that Tech Baseball has needed for the past few seasons. The players on the field have had a tough time relating to the current staff and the combo of Spencer and Petrie will provide the youth and aggressiveness that the team really needs. The fact that Spencer has rings to show recruits and players can speak volumes as does Hays' recommendation that Spencer be his successor.

Cabron Guey: I say it's an immediate improvement in pitching. Oregon State led the Pac-10 in earned run average in both 2005 (3.06) and 2006 (3.41). Tech now has a PAID assistant coach at the pitching position.

Why has Tech Baseball struggled the past few years while other Big XII teams prospered?

Jacque Strap:
I think there are a few reasons for this. Frank and Emo leaving really hurt the program. Those were the guys that the players could relate to on and off the field and that not only affects recruiting but the clubhouse as well. The rule changes in NCAA baseball the past few years made it very difficult for Hays to do the things he was doing in the past. The reliance on juco transfers is hard on a program in the clubhouse and on the field. They have no time to gel before one group is on the way out and there have been very few 4 year players.

Who will be Tech Football's next star?

Bond J Bond: I'll take the layup, thanks...his name will be Michael Crabtree. And all of the DiscoTech contributors were in agreement with this vote. We dare you to name someone else, Seth.

Just how overrated is A&M in this year's pre-season poll?

yar: About as overrated as they always are.

Researchers at Harvard University may be close to inventing a drug that deletes bad memories, but for once the Aggies are at the head of the pack when it comes to cutting-edge scientific research.

How else can you explain the annual summer drumbeat from College Station?

This is the year. McGee is the toughest Aggie since John Kimbrough. Tell us will catch 100 balls with 22 touchdowns. Javorskie Lane will demolish opposing defenses and play on more than two consecutive plays.

Javorskie demonstrates his running ability

Well, this year's no different. The Aggies are back. So what if they were exposed against Cal and outlasted by Tech. So what if their coaching staff was embarrassed by Oklahoma and they needed a goal line stand to beat Army.


So what!

They beat the worst Texas team this millennium playing its worst game in a decade by knocking out its quarterback on a dirty play! Bring on 2007! This is the year!

Old Army is back. Patton supposedly only needed a handful of Texas Aggies to win a war, but Frannie will need an avalanche of good luck to come close to matching last year's misleadingly good record.

This years Aggie collapse will be doubly sweet when viewed against the backdrop of the inflated expectations that flavor this year's maroon Kool-Aid.

Our prediction? The Aggies will be 5-1, possibly 6-0, coming into Lubbock the second weekend of October. Fine. But the second half of their schedule is brutal. On the road against Texas Tech, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. A game at home against what will no doubt be a fired-up Texas squad.

With other games against Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Miami, not to mention the Mr. Pibb Brazos River Shootout against Baylor, it's hard to see the aggies as anything better than 7-5. The more likely scenario is that Fran will finally wear out his welcome and meet the firing line after another below .500, missed bowl game season.

Cabron Guey: A&M has a lot of talent returning from last year's team, and they have arguably the best offensive line in the Big XII. However, they are playing a murderous road schedule with games at Miami, Tech, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri, so while they might have their best team in years, their schedule won't reflect the fact.

Plus, that knucklehead Dennis Franchione is their Head Coach and you can always count on him screwing up somehow.

What is your favorite variety of Samuel Adams?

Jacque Strap: Sam Adams Pale Ale. Good beer for any type of drinking whether it be a meal or just knocking back one after the other when you are watching a game. Has the malt to give the beer body but enough hops to satisfy the hop heads.

Bond J. Bond: The original is fine by me. I'm more of a Knob Creek Kentucky Bourbon kind of a guy.

DiscoTech's Extra Credit Question! After football practice ........ who is the longest in the showers?

Bond J Bond: I love a good double-entendre as much as the next guy, I'm Bond for goodness sakes. Yes ladies, I am a cunning linguist as well.

I'm going to have to play this one straight, though. This comes from actual knowledge of the location and layout of the showers inside the Jones. I know for a fact that the exit for the showers happens to be to the left-of-center...and since we have a player that has a tough time with his left-of-center vision,
I'm going with Graham Harrell.

Thanks, DTN for the chance to have this discussion, we'll look forward to the next go-round when you ask DiscoTech! your questions!

Until then, Wreck 'em.

transformers fans wondering why soundwave didnt make it into the movie

the return of video game football is nigh!

as some of you may or not be aware, the return of video game football is nearly upon us with the july 17th release date of NCAA 08 from EA Sports. this is the time of year those not fortunate enough to play real football and be paid by usc boosters or bailed out of jail by ut boosters look forward to as an outlet to settle scores with friends or coach our teams the way we always wanted to. we can pretend that our school has what it takes to win the big 12 and a true 'mythical' national championship. every day that isnt saturday from july to january is filled with epic video game battles between friends or jackasses online who line up their wideouts at quarterback and run the option the entire game. Im starting to think it is more that a mere coincidence that I stay single in the fall.

with the advent of 'next gen' systems, the look and options of the games have only increased in greatness. since the days of bill walsh college football, there has always been this absurd look to the jones and for the first time in video game history they have corrected this awful mistake and we have a true representation of my favorite place to be on saturdays in the fall.

so on july 17th, ditch work, school or whatever prior obligation you may have and I will meet you online for some football.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Who was your first Tech athlete man-crush?

Pic above from McFarlane Toys

Zach Thomas has always been the man. He grew up not far from where my mama was born (he: Pampa, ma: Wheeler) and he was a little Texas town athlete made good story in the Hub City, and then of course in Miami, Florida, which I hear is a major US city. Any questions?

Here's the money shot (and no, there's nothing wrong with your computer or your speakers, there's simply no audio with this video):

Oh, was that against the Aggies? I hardly noticed.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July brings out the new Masked Rider

For those of you who were missing a taste of Lubbock...looked to be a pretty day in the Hub City. All it did was rain on my parade yesterday...grrrrr.

I remember fondly sitting on Broadway watching all the lowriders pass by...look...there's a Nova!... Wow! There's a Shriner on one of those insanely small bikes (Is that what those guys do in that big Temple?)

Of course, Lubbock has a scenery that transcends the weather...great lookin' women!

A hearty "Guns Up!" to our newly announced Masked Rider for 2007-2008, Mr. Kevin Smith and his mount, Midnight Matador who has been with us since 2002 - 2003.

So if you get to see him before I do make sure and tell him I loved Chasing Amy but thought Jersey Girl might cause generations of Americans to never watch another moving picture.

Of course it's not that Kevin Smith! Our Kevin hails from Clovis, New Mexico and has quite an impressive resume of equine-related credentials. Linky to ttu.edu.

Thanks to Spotted for the pics! Please visit them often!

As always, you can click on the pic to make it a bit larger if you like...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Another Big XII blogger...I know, they're corny

Soon we will be adding another Big XII blogger to our links...CornNation.com

I would like to thank Nebraska for providing us the picture above - I think I'm going to need a moment...you can click the pic to make "it" larger.

I'm sure there's a cornfield in that picture, but I didn't see one.

Welcome to Raiderland, Huskers. Please come back and get crazy with us - we'll be headed to the Strip for some booze shortly.

BTW - I invited the boys at CornNation, despite the fact that I know DoubleExtraPoint (another Husker blog) has linked to us in the past. Do you want to know why I did that? Because after searching their blog over and over - I couldn't find any way to e-mail them and make them an offer they couldn't refuse...so now they sit there with a dead link to a Tech blog that doesn't even exist anymore...geez.

We'll try our best to get some pictures up that rival the fine lass pictured above - any Raiders out there care to share a pic? I know there's one of two girls walking past the Jones in miniskirts and boots that always makes my peepee say "Herrro?!"

E-mail us at discotechblog@gmail.com anytime...

disco tech! Salutes America

God Bless America! The greatest nation on the Earth!