Sunday, October 14, 2007

Who are we playing this week?

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Rankings are out - let's take a peek...


15. Missouri (5-1)
22. Texas Tech (6-1)

USA Today/Coaches Poll:

17. Missouri
21. Texas Tech


16. Missouri (Predictor = 15)
20. Texas Tech (Predictor = 12)

I would imagine that the line will come out with Missouri favored by less than or equal to a touchdown. And I would expect the result to be in that area as well.

The game has been picked up by ABC as a part of their regional broadcast schedule - and once again it appears that the game will not be aired in HD - and that just drives me up the freaking wall. Miami @ Florida State will get HD cameras but the Big 12 game featuring two ranked teams won't.

Keep an eye out on DiscoTech! mid-week as I'm sure Cabron Guey will be linking up the coverage map as soon as he sees it.

This week College Gameday will head to LA for the USC/UCLA matchup - and I can hardly blame them for that.

Headed into the game against OU, Missouri was ranked 100 against the pass - giving up 265 yards per game through the air. As if on cue, Sam Bradford was 24/34 for 266 yards ans was not picked off once.

To be fair, Texas Tech is ranked #20 against the pass, but has not faced an opponent to date that has been as focused in the passing game as Missourah.

Keep an eye out on Monday as he updates the stat sheets and we can get a decent peek at more overall stat rankings.

As far as the Red Raiders go...the defensive performance Saturday was great - even if Texas A&M's offense was not particularly well-run. At the end of the day Texas A&M is a quality Big 12 opponent that has top-notch athletes and does serve to provide us a report card on Ruffin McNeill's defense. Tech gave up 366 total yards to A&M - not exactly awe-inspiring - but the progress is clear. More importantly Tech kept the Ags out of the endzone and even if Texas A&M had made their field goals - they still would have been dreadfully behind on the scoreboard.

Graham Harrell is garnering national Heisman contention and should be - going into yesterday his completion percentage was best in the nation - and he will only separate himself further from the pack this week since he completed 81% of his passes.

More impressively, he threw no picks and has pushed his INT figure to 115 attempts per 1 pick. That's important because we all remember last year's debacle. I know I do - and the bottle of whiskey I drank that night didn't do a good enough job of making me forget.


Anonymous said...

How will we do in Tiger Land? Study history. Tech is 2-4 against Missouri. Lost last two games, one was an embarrassment in Columbia, losing 62-31. Last year was a pitiful performance by the Red Raiders in losing to Missouri at The Jones. I'd be real humble going into this game because it is a classic setup, trap game where Tech performs like it has never played the game and gets blown out looking meek and unprepared.

Zebbie L. said...

Sure would love to see Tech win this one but history points otherwise...and then I worry about a letdown loss to Colorado because of "nothing to play for" syndrome. Tech has never beaten Mizzou and Colorado in the same season. Then again, LS was the DC during that time and the Harrell/Crabtree combo was still stuck in DFW area high schools. Maybe this year is different...maybe...

(and's Cal vs UCLA and College Gameday will be in Lexington for Florida @ Kentucky)

Bond J. Bond said...

thanks zebbie - I'll correct the post...