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DT! makes small talk with Red Andrews

From the days when Tech's defense wasn't maligned.
(You should definitely click on the Dirk West cartoon to see it in its full glory)

What you're about to read is the First Annual BearMeat/DT! Summit. The greatest conversation ever recorded between Red Andrews and me, Bond J Bond. Okay, it's the first conversation we've had that we're willing to share with you, but still...

Red: For all its many faults, you really can't blame Baylor for having an incredible endowment of white poontang. With nearly 60% female undergraduates, Baylor men have excellent odds of leaving Waco U with a hot wife, or at least a sporting chance at a three-way. The dating culture here is bi-polar as hell: either hook-up or get engaged. There isn't much in-between. Not a lot of friends-with-benefits or casual dating relationships. Usually either courtship or drunken coitus are your two options. However, the women are spectacularly beautiful, and in spite of what you might think, it isn't too hard to land one in the sack - just as long as you promise to take them to church the next day.

I imagine Tech girls to be a lot easier to get to know Biblically, and a lot less inhibited, when you really get to know them. "Getting your guns up" probably has all sorts of meanings in that respect. If the photos posted on DiscoTech! are any indication, Tech has an endowment in hotties that rivals that of The B.

You can't measure this kind of hotness.

BJB: As we've illustrated in our yearbook posts, the campus has long been littered with the broken hearts of morally weak's by no means a function of what any one person or group of people did to cause it - it's just a dominant trait in the school's genetic code.

When I first arrived at Tech I was in a veritable Candyland - it would be similar to taking Coach Mangino to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Palace.

I would say that while I was at Tech your ability to hook up with a Greek girl was directly correlated to whether or not you were Greek. Although, even in the short time I was there the "status" of Greek life was beginning to fade as the PC/anti-hazing crowd was moving quickly to eradicate any semblance of Southern Greek tradition.

Most of the girls at Tech were promiscuous and were happily "yours" as long as you promised to take them to the Midnight Rodeo on Thursday night so they could find a new hook-up.

Artist's Rendering of a "Modernized Seal"

Red: Thanks to a long tradition of off-campus drinking since the 1950s, Baylor is surprisingly like many state schools in the amount of keggers, frat parties (Edward 40-Hands comes to mind), and jello shootings at local bars. While we are Baptists (at least half of us are) and come from a teetotaling tradition, the flip side is that there is a unacknowledged, but un-checked culture of tailgating, boozin' and wasting away again in Margaritaville.

It sure would be nice to have a bar in the student union, like at UT, but we take what they give us and Waco is a very easy place to drink if you are underage and adventurous. You can drink in the public parks here and can buy alcohol at H-E-B until midnight and at the bars until 2am.

I've heard some horror stories about Lubbock being pretty dry. Are y'all still able to get the necessary provisions for making the right type of bad decisions?

Achieve professionalism.

BJB: Some would say the bad decisions started the day we "committed" to go to Tech.

Tech is strict about not having any alcohol on campus. So, no bar in the UC, or University Center, which would be the same as your Student Union ("Student Union" is so Labor Party). That's no biggie, though because all you have to do is cross four lanes of traffic and a median to go across University Ave and you have your choice of cirrhosis delivery tools.

The dorms also make every effort to keep the premises alcohol free. At some point though, the University has to trust that the Resident Assistant on your floor is also a good policeman. But when your RA is loaning you his dolly to bring kegs up the stairwell and fronting you the keg deposit - let's just say your freshman year is all about seeing how high you can get your alcohol tolerance.

And the Strip is only a few miles out of town - and while there's something to be said for the neighborhood package store - I gotta tell you - walking into Bob's warehouse of unlimited alcoholic delights is an outstanding, Vegas-like experience.

Aggies hold a white-out to remind us they're Caucasian

Red: One thing we both have in common is our mutual hatred for those Ags. I'm not sure why you Techies hate them so much, but for us, its kinda like the Hatfields and McCoys. We've been playing them since 1899 and they just haven't grown on us since then. A brawl in the stands in the 1920s led to a dead Aggie, which suspended our "rivalry" for 5 years and relations haven't improved much since then. Something about their ridiculous traditions, hatred of knowledge, and overall belligerence just rubs us the wrong way. Who in their right mind would want to attend a school so backward in so many ways?

We wish we had the record y'all have had against the Ags recently. It sure must feel good to take it to those chumps.

Blake of "Blake's Takes" has undertaken a
terribly successful promotion of his favorite
daily hygiene product.

BJB: I think we join the general population of America when it comes to bagging on Aggies. Going to college should be that time in your life when you're exposed to different ideas, thoughts and experiences. You're free to confirm your beliefs or to change your mind at any time. Aggies seem to revel in their perceived superiority and the fact that their traditions border on Jonestownian doesn't seem to register in their closed mind.

I think that the modern generation of Raiders thoughts about the Aggies were confirmed when they broke the leg of Rodney Allison on 1977. I have posted pics from our yearbook that reveal that the Aggies were defacing school monuments as early as 1969, though.

Aggies have some to the DiscoTech! and said "All you talk about is the Aggies - every post is about us." This reveals three things about them in my opinion:

1. Megalomania
2. They need an abacus or something
3. They continue to make themselves easy targets.

Red: Leach is a badass pirate sent by the football gods to give endless material to bloggers and West Texans. I would give my first born son for Leach to coach at Baylor. Right now our
basketball coach, Scott Drew, could probably have squeaked out a conference win this season, and he's never won a road game in four years at the B. GuyMo is on his way out and everyone knows it. He showed us that we could muster a win or three in conference, but not much else. Its time for us to move in another direction - Mike Singletary, maybe. Perhaps we could convince that defensive coordinator at Alabama to come coach for us - wait, that's Kevin Steele. Dammit.

The men who raised the bar for Tech Football

BJB: Do really grasp the comedy that would be Coach Leach in Waco?!? First, he's a Mormon. He's as much admitted that he has religious discipline issues, so I don't think he's made it to sacred sanitary napkin status.

Rumors used to be quite persistent that he was a drunk - although I think those have died down as people realize that he just talks that way all the time. He absolutely LOVES the press, especially when it's about him - so being as close as you are to Austin and DFW would only allow him more outlets/opportunities to be on YouTube. With Scott Drew in the same building - there could be some really lively religious topics discussed between those two.

As we've mentioned on the blog we're just confused. We've come to expect certain things and have become victims of our own success. Coach Leach has elevated the program's status and the team hasn't delivered. We hold out hope that the youth of the team will serve us well next year and that maybe we can get a "name" defensive coordinator during the spring. Kevin Steele you say? Hmmmm. No thanks.

We are glad that we have found our interweb doppleganger in BearMeat and raise a tumbler of Woodford Reserve on the rocks, unsullied by cola products, to you. Cheers.

Monday, October 29, 2007

still in a severe depression

Here's the facts - I'm not feeling particularly giggity right now...

We play Baylor.

It's at The Floyd Casey on Saturday at 2pm.

It's not on TV.

The UT game in Austin the following Saturday has been moved to a 2:30pm start and is on ABC.

I'm e-talking to the greatness that is Red Andrews via e-mail right now - will have many rofl-copters under construction soon...I'll deliver them prior to kickoff.

In case you've been living in the basement of Murdough and haven't heard - Shannon Woods has big-timed himself out of a job and is running drills with the scout team...

Burnt Orange Nation has a great bit on the relativity of Harrell and Crabtree's seasons thus far. It's detailed and math oriented and I love that kind of stuff.

Note to Marty Cone: don't bother, you wouldn't understand it - all you need to know is that Harrell is our QB and Crabtree is one of the WRs and they are both really good - and nominated for some post-season awards...

Here's my new question: What happens if Coach Leach continues to run the number one offense out onto the field every Saturday and continues to win only 7 games a year? The shine wears off eventually right? The offense at some point doesn't sell tickets because the team doesn't win enough games to keep the fan base happy. Right?

If he gets himself into that position - I think he's a goner.

Even after the large number of times I threw the dog at the TV the last two Saturdays - he still loves me. I hope I'm as loyal.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What's wrong?

(Please use the comment area liberally - everyone except B Orange - who is laughing his ass off at us right now)

Does Graham Harrell lack:

A. Leadership skills?
B. Killer instinct?
C. Good decision making skills?
D. The ability to "look off" defenders?
E. All of the above?

What's the matter with genius Leach:

A. Lacks game day management skills?
B. Fails to employ a "both sides of the ball" methodology?
C. Play calling becoming predictable?
D. Won't put receivers in motion?
E. All of the above

What's the matter with the defense:

A. Because the DC coaching change happened during the season they are still running a scheme that doesn't work?
B. The defense is just too small?
C. The DL is just so young?
D. Because the offense has been sucking, the D is on the field way too much, with too much pressure on them?
E. All of the above?

What's the answer (Pick all that apply):

A. Leach has done well so far - but has reached his ceiling - it's time for him to move on?
B. Recruiting must improve - we have too little talent?
C. Ruff is a great guy - but we need a top-flight DC?
D. Bench Harrell and put T. Potts in?
E. Leach must evolve as a coach and shake himself up?

I've also added a simplistic poll to the right - we welcome your input there as well.

I don't know the answer - I'm just a fan in a far-away place. I didn't play college football - much less coach.

I'm really and truly stumped and I'm as frustrated as anyone else.

And now, for the first time, I wonder if graduating players can save Leach's job from the axe of Gerald Myers.

I have only one thing to fall back on really - and that's that we weren't supposed to be any good this year. Some of those pre-season predictions look fairly accurate now to tell you the truth.

This one looks fairly prescient:

Chip Brown - DMN

5. Texas Tech

Record: 7-5;3-5

League losses: at Okla. St., Texas A&M, at Mizzou, at Texas, OU

Bottom line: Tech has only four starters back on offense and only five back on defense. If Mike Leach hasn't been recruiting well, it will show. A typically soft nonleague schedule should ensure Tech remains the only Big 12 team without a losing season since the conference was formed.

Or how about this one:

Jimmy Boyd - Locksmith Sports There are just too many talented offensive teams now in the Big 12 for the Texas Tech Red Raiders to get by without a better defense. Sure you'll see them near the top of the nation in passing yards and points, but you'll also see them as one of the worst run defenses and scoring defenses in the nation. The Big 12 South is too tough to get by without playing both sides of the ball.

In case you want to see what the media as a whole thought of our chances - here's the pre-season Big 12 Media Poll:

2007 Big 12 Preseason Football Poll (Media Vote)
1. Missouri (16) 136
2. Nebraska (8) 128
3. Kansas State 88
4. Kansas 63
5. Colorado 58
6. Iowa State 31
1. Texas (16) 135
2. Oklahoma (7) 126
3. Texas A&M (1) 82
4. Oklahoma State 81
5. Texas Tech 56
6. Baylor 24

Note: First place votes in parentheses

While it's certainly no fun to say - "well we were supposed to suck" - or "there's always next year" - we may as well get well prepared to say exactly those things.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Texas Tech Basketball Is Coming Soon

The 2007 Red Raider Basketball team under the leadership of Robert Montgomery Knight will be taking the floor soon...we want to remind everyone that DiscoTech! is well aware of this and will be offering a basketball preview soon - and season-long analysis of the motion offense.

In the meantime - we've dreamed up a tribute to our favorite storyline:

Many thanks to Ignatius J. Reilly and his considerable skills with graphics.

PsychoAg's Newest Video - Frampage


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

B Orange should have his own blog

If you don't own this bit of wonderful from Richard Ashcroft - shame on you.

I direct you to the "Comments" section in the "Another day in paradise" post made just a few days ago...

Here's the comment:

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Bond. Methink thou dost resort to the ad hominem too much whilst I was having a bit of fun at the Sand Ags' expense. This is what happens when logic runs out.

I think you shouldn't take yourself so seriously, especially with that defense of yours. I certainly don't expect you not to cheer for Tech. I mean, you dance with who brung ya.

But it's obvious by your reponse, and the other one above, that I am onto something here. You need to shed your satisfaction with 10 wins and/or ruining a Big 12 power's season. If you weren't satisfied with such results, you would have fired the Head Pirate by now.

Re: Leach ... He's a good offensive mind, no question. But he's not a great head coach. That's why, for example, he didn't get the Miami job. Why any one would want to leave Lubbock for Miami, I mean, really ... but I digress.

Seriously, where is the NFL talent that this guru is churning out? He would have been fired at Texas with his record and the white flag routinely raised by his defenses. These are facts. He blames his coordinators, like his QB blames every one when things go wrong. I don't think he's a great college head coach or leader. The record speaks for itself.

Yes, Texas, OU and others might be down somewhat this year. But our goals and infrastructure remain in place. So do Tech's.

B. Orange

October 24, 2007 6:50 PM

Okay...I was going to respond on that post - but everyone needs to read this...

B. Orange:

A LOT of what you say is dead on - there is absolute truth in many of you statements. Much of it has been screamed from the rooftops - and still is. But lets not let the facts get in the way.

No one I know is satisfied with 8, 9 or even 10 wins. Mike Leach even addressed this very question on his radio show just 3 weeks ago - was it you that called? Because Leach absolutely was furious about any implication that it's "okay" to lose games.

I just can't figure out why you think we are satisfied. Just can't figure that one out.

Not. Satisfied. Clear?

IMO, the verdict is still out on Leach as a good head coach. Leach earned his way from the very backwaters of coaching to now be coaching a Big 12 program - and is in only his 8th (?) year.

Mack Brown? I imagine he never had to coach in Finland.

So we - and the University - are giving him time.


For one - he graduates his players. Something - I might add - that UT does an absolutely horrible job of. I can tell you that after coming off the sting of severe NCAA sanctions, the administration of the school was not about to continue to pursue wins at the expense of reputation. Coach Leach may be able to continue to coach at Tech for many more years based on this alone.

Interesting who is at the bottom of that list.

I just believe that Texas Tech University under its current administration is not interested in winning at the expense of not graduating players (see also: Bob Knight).

You should read Ryan Hyatt's words on the matter of where we are as a program today.

Hyatt also brings up the amount of money invested in the program - to me - that's his only flawed argument - because all the Big 12 programs have been doing the same - so all of the boats have risen in the marina.

Last few thoughts:

NFL Talent? Never really contributed a lot in that regard - but we've had players drafted every single year in the last 4 or 5 years - under the prior system it was much more infrequent. I also see about 6 players on the current team drafted in the next 2 years. So - improving to be sure. We're building a program here - it's not going to happen overnight.

Last point - did Leach blame his DC? Yes. Did the DC deserve it? Yes. Had the fans and administration been screaming for this? Yes. But the personal relationship those men (Leach and Lyle) have made that decision personal - another sign of growth for Leach that he's beginning to make his job his business.

Tech must do a better job recruiting - and they're improving - but when OU and UT take the cream of the crop right off the top - Tech will have to win with a superior system - and not with superior talent.

Tech has done more with less - so much less it would blow your mind if you cared to study it - for so many years now. It will be interesting to see over time if they can do more with more.

Next year will be Leach's real test - very few excuses for him - if his team lets him down again next year - then the grumbling will start in earnest. For now - we remain patient.

B Orange - get your own freaking blog.

the blog as my bully pulpit

All the fellas that know me know that I love the fights. When I was at Tech this fellow named Mike Tyson was rolling everybody in his path. Boxing related keg parties were the norm and Tyson packed the house.

That was a long time ago and boxing has suffered to find its penultimate fighter that could attract even half the crowd. The Pretty Boy/Golden Boy fight earlier in the year was billed as the "Fight to Save Boxing." Uhhhh. I hope not. Because it hasn't.

And neither will Calzaghe v Kessler. BUT....

Be sure to get your fanny in front of a screen on the night of November 3. That's November 3 people - don't forget that date. Are we perfectly clear on this?

All the fellas that know me also know that I am a huge fan of Joe Calzaghe. I'm a fan of Calzaghe for the exact same reasons I'm a fan of Arsenal. Because when I was brought up in sports, part of the lessons were how to perform at your highest level and in addition, how to do that beautifully.

Note: Pardon me if you missed it, but Arsenal put on a demonstration of the beautiful game again Tuesday. And if you would like to see the pictures, please head over to and watch the video...

Calzaghe is the same. Handspeed that will make you cry and footwork that would make Floyd Mayweather, Jr. jealous.

Kessler is typical Easter European power - and I mean that in a good way. Kessler just flat brings it. And besides that - the ink on this boy would scare me all on its own.

November 3 - HBO - Super Middleweight Unification Title Match!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Attack of the Buffalo

More on the game later -

A couple of Colorado Buffs sites of interest:

(Oh - and we play another team who is decked out in crappy, web-unfriendly colors...great.)
(Note: there is a link to a message board forum at Buffbackers)
Denver Post Sports Page
Rocky Mountain News Sports Page
(Note: There's a big baseball game in Denver just a few hours after the end of the game in Lubbock)

I'm sure most of you are aware that the game will be on ABC at 11:00 CDT. It will be another regional broadcast. West Virginia @ Rutgers is the other same-time matchup - so I expect that the coverage map will be split in a "West of the Mississippi/East of the Mississippi" fashion. Once again - no HD for us. That's okay - after having our best two offensive players get eliminated from Heisman contention - this seems an easier pill to take today.

Sirius will carry the game as well - Tech broadcast on channel 140, Colorado's on channel 143.

I can't find the XM assigned channel yet - they don't seem to be as "on-the-ball" as Sirius.

We are in the company of the beautiful people

I'd like to thank another Tech grad for linking us up...

Sonya Jones of Sonya's Gotta Scream.

Sonya is a Capricorn, likes travel, property rights and long afternoons at Jones Stadium.

Her blog roll really tells the story, though. She links up everything from Vegas lines to right-wing news and in the process is making many men quietly wonder if she's single.

More evidence that going to Tech will make you smart and wealthy and that while the landscape of the South Plains might not be beautiful, the women more than make up for it.

Thanks for being on board with DiscoTech! and for linking us up!

Another day in paradise

Some more inappropriately than others.

We crapped our pants again at the sight of a beautiful girl while walking the halls. In fact, I'm not so sure we're ever going to make it to the homecoming dance, much less prom. The guy who has to wear diapers rarely gets to go to any dance at all.

If we keep letting teams bully us around all day we might as well go home and let mommy fix us our favorite dish. We also need to get used to watching reruns of Baywatch because that's the closest we'll ever get to being with a great looking female.

So really, what is it?

Recruiting? Maybe.
Leach not an impassioned leader? The thought has crossed my mind.
Airports? Ryan Hyatt thinks so...(not really, but it's a great line in a great article)
Inexperience? With only one senior on offense that might be said - but 7 games into the season, we better not be using that one.

The season is not over by a far stretch - but those boys who thought they were Heisman contenders - well they better start playing like it.

The number one question on my mind right now has to do with the father of Michael Crabtree. I wonder how full of himself he is now that his son is playing against real Big 12 competition.

Let's reminisce:

Texas Tech wide receiver Mike Crabtree might leave for the NFL after his sophomore season, his father told The Dallas Morning News for a story that appeared Thursday.

That's provided he keeps up his stellar play.

"If he continues to do this in his first two years, I think he'll be out of there,'' the elder Crabtree, also named Michael, told the newspaper.

He cited risk of a major injury as a factor.

Good game Missouri by the way - you did what you needed to do - best of luck to your team.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This just breaks my little heart

Mizzourah RB Tony Temple out for the Texas Tech game.

And I don't mean "out of the house" or "out of the office." I mean, The Sporting News says that he will not be suited up to play in Saturday's game.

That's got to hurt the Tigers.

Mizzou's Temple out again with ankle

Posted: October 18, 2007

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) -- For the second straight game, an ankle injury will keep senior running back Tony Temple on the sidelines.

Temple, Missouri's leading rusher, sprained his ankle in the second quarter of Missouri's 41-6 win over Nebraska Oct. 6. He did not travel with the team to Oklahoma last week, and will not play Saturday when the 15th-ranked Tigers (5-1, 1-1 Big 12) host No. 22 Texas Tech (6-1, 2-1), Missouri officials confirmed Thursday.

Sorry about that Tigers, that's a tough break.

Crank Dat Crabtree - Superman at the Jones

The Michael Crabtree assault continues.

Now local Lubbock talent has adapted their own version of "Crank That Soulja Boy"...

Crank That Crabtree

Who is it that layin' down this rhyme?

Ryze - that's who...

The HTs for this is a long list - and all from the football forum...Frekoid, raideredhr2 and TTUMudd...

Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree for Heisman

The Texas Tech Athletic Office has got the "official" website up and running for all of those that want to keep up with this amazing duo and their drive for a trip to the Downtown Athletic Club.

Bookmark the site and keep it handy - they seem to be doing a good job of keeping related news stories linked at the site...

I will keep it available to the right in our lineup of linked sites...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coverage Map for Missouri Game

Heisman talk in Detroit, Dallas

Detroit Free Press

October 17, 2007
Kyle O'Neill

2. Heisman thoughts: As of right now, if I had to rank the best in college football, it goes 1. QB Andre Woodson, Kentucky: Beating Florida could keep him in this top spot the rest of the way in; he just needs to avoid another South Carolina performance.
2. Mike Hart: The non-sexy pick seems like the most logical at this point, but No. 2 is a safe spot for him until U-M really gets back into the spotlight.
3. QB Graham Harrell, Texas Tech: The Oklahoma State loss is a tough one to get over, but 31 TDs to 3 interceptions? If Texas Tech wins out, he's any easy pick regardless of the "system" the Red Raiders use.
4. WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech: It wasn't as though the Red Raiders began using the spread offense this season. Crabtree's appearance into the lineup has been the added spark to put this team into the elite of '07.
5. QB Tim Tebow, Florida: The stock is dropping.
Other notables: QB Matt Ryan, Boston College (Needs a tougher schedule and bigger wins with his stats.); RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas (He'll still make more money in the NFL than anyone else on this list.); QB Matt Grothe, South Florida (Needs to stay unbeaten and get a little more name recognition.)

Dallas Morning News
October 17, 2007
Brandon George

Tech athletic officials have started pushing Harrell and Crabtree for Heisman Trophy consideration. It's about time. The numbers they have posted deserve attention.

National media affiliates from ESPN to USA Today spoke with the two this week. A writer from Sports Illustrated spent time in Lubbock and will cover the Tech-Missouri game Saturday in Columbia, Mo.

Later this week, Tech plans to unveil a Web page on its athletics site dedicated to Harrell, a junior from Ennis, and Crabtree, a redshirt freshman from Carter. The page will feature their highlights and statistics this season.

The whole article is really swell - you should read the whole thing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Your Heisman Headquarters

(Thanks to CBS Sportsline for the pic!- link below)

I remember not too long ago when I would jump for joy when I found ANY mention of a Tech football player in the major media - online included. Now it seems we can hardly keep up with the onslaught of commentary. This is my attempt to help bring it all together for you...

The first four links aren't necessarily "Heisman" focused but are lists that feature either Harrell or Crabtree...

Props to "Manuel" who spotted me the ESPN link - and to various folks on the football forum that helped with the others...

Race for the recordbook - Tuesday Question - Midseason Bests

FOX Sports on MSN - BCS - Loose Ends: Bests, Worsts of NCAA season

NCAA Football Freshman Watch -

Heisman Links: - Heisman Watch Gene Menez: Tebow leads wide-open Heisman race

NCAA Football Heisman Hopefuls -

2007 Heisman Watch - - College Football - Heisman Watch: As fluid as the Top 25

Rivals Video - No mention of Harrell at all - so don't bother

Wreck 'em.

Chase Daniel Eats Boogers

Monday, October 15, 2007

Have a little faith...

Before I get started I want to thank zebbie for pointing out some errors in my previous post...ESPN Gameday will be in Lexington for Tim Tebow @ Kentucky and Cal plays UCLA...whoops.

For the rest of this post I will be typing from my Bond-mobile and you must refer to me as "The Holy Father of Tech Football." I'm about to drop some serious hope on your wayward souls.

The good folks at have updated their data and here's today's homily:


Total Defense = #78 w/ 403 yds per game
Passing Defense = #100 w/ 264 yds per game
Scoring Defense = #48 w/ 24.5 pts per game

Texas A&M:

Total Defense = #74 w/ 398 yds per game
Passing Defense = #99 w/ 264 yds per game
Scoring Defense = #45 w/ 24 pts per game

Missouri has played:

Oklahoma #14 in total offense
Nebraska #38 in total offense
W Mich #49 in total offense
Illinois #56 in total offense
Ole Miss #80 in total offense
Illinois State (I think these guys are FCS)

Red Raiders:

Passing Defense = #16 w/ 178 per game
Total Defense = #39 w/ 341 per game
Scoring Defense = #32 w/ 20.6 per game

Red Raiders have played:

OSU #12 in total offense
UTEP #26 in total offense
TAMU #43 in total offense
SMU #54 in total offense
ISU #99 in total offense
Rice #109 in total offense


Aggies = 15 Gained/8 Lost
Missouri = 14 Gained/11 Lost
TTU = 12 Gained/12 Lost : Jamar Wall


Missouri = 34 for 221 (5th best in the nation)
TTU = 64 for 611 (118th) hey - we moved up a spot:

Dear ones, don't you see - we get to play the Aggie defense again! Except we have to play them in their house and they practice against the spread all the time - but since our defense does as well - I'll call that matchup even.

Our Ex-DC Lyle has helped OSU and UTEP's offenses into their lofty heights to be sure so there may be little argument in comparing the teams we've played thus far.

Missouri is a very disciplined team, and while Tech certainly showed vast improvement Saturday, one game does not a trend make. We pray for our salvation from the yellow devil.

Why all this focus on defenses and penalties and turnovers and such?

Because while there is a slight edge to the Tech offense over the Missouri offense - the difference is slight:

Name G Rush Yards Pass Yards Plays Total Yards Yards/Play Yards/G
1 Texas Tech 7 571 3503 541 4074 7.5 582.0
2 Tulsa 6 1159 2278 484 3437 7.1 572.8
3 Louisville 7 1133 2784 551 3917 7.1 559.6
4 Hawai'i 7 519 3251 523 3770 7.2 538.6
5 Missouri 6 1052 2149 493 3201 6.5 533.5

Missouri will throw a few more runs into the mix than Tech will - but they end up in nearly the same place - add another game to the totals for Missouri and their total yards gained for the year....would still trail Tech's by about 300 yards - or about 40 yards a game.....not enough of a difference to get excommunicated over.

If there is one offense deficiency in the Tiger attack it's that their scoring efficiency doesn't match up to their yards gained - and we saw in last week's game how that can be so important when playing Tech - you have to take advantage of all of your scoring chances. Missouri, surprisingly, ranks 10th in scoring offense clocking in 40 points per game - while Tech averages exactly 50 per contest which is 3rd in the country.

And if it comes down to a kick - well I'll take Automatic Alex any day...but WTF was up with that blocked kick against the Aggies? Chris Hudler - my main need to get on top of that this week for sure!

Kicking Statistics
NAME XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+
Jeff Wolfert303010081266.71/14/42/31/40/0
NAME XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+
Alex Trlica48481004757.11/10/11/11/21/2

So dear souls, I predict victory in Columbia. A sign from above will lead you to Columbia...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Who are we playing this week?

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Rankings are out - let's take a peek...


15. Missouri (5-1)
22. Texas Tech (6-1)

USA Today/Coaches Poll:

17. Missouri
21. Texas Tech


16. Missouri (Predictor = 15)
20. Texas Tech (Predictor = 12)

I would imagine that the line will come out with Missouri favored by less than or equal to a touchdown. And I would expect the result to be in that area as well.

The game has been picked up by ABC as a part of their regional broadcast schedule - and once again it appears that the game will not be aired in HD - and that just drives me up the freaking wall. Miami @ Florida State will get HD cameras but the Big 12 game featuring two ranked teams won't.

Keep an eye out on DiscoTech! mid-week as I'm sure Cabron Guey will be linking up the coverage map as soon as he sees it.

This week College Gameday will head to LA for the USC/UCLA matchup - and I can hardly blame them for that.

Headed into the game against OU, Missouri was ranked 100 against the pass - giving up 265 yards per game through the air. As if on cue, Sam Bradford was 24/34 for 266 yards ans was not picked off once.

To be fair, Texas Tech is ranked #20 against the pass, but has not faced an opponent to date that has been as focused in the passing game as Missourah.

Keep an eye out on Monday as he updates the stat sheets and we can get a decent peek at more overall stat rankings.

As far as the Red Raiders go...the defensive performance Saturday was great - even if Texas A&M's offense was not particularly well-run. At the end of the day Texas A&M is a quality Big 12 opponent that has top-notch athletes and does serve to provide us a report card on Ruffin McNeill's defense. Tech gave up 366 total yards to A&M - not exactly awe-inspiring - but the progress is clear. More importantly Tech kept the Ags out of the endzone and even if Texas A&M had made their field goals - they still would have been dreadfully behind on the scoreboard.

Graham Harrell is garnering national Heisman contention and should be - going into yesterday his completion percentage was best in the nation - and he will only separate himself further from the pack this week since he completed 81% of his passes.

More impressively, he threw no picks and has pushed his INT figure to 115 attempts per 1 pick. That's important because we all remember last year's debacle. I know I do - and the bottle of whiskey I drank that night didn't do a good enough job of making me forget.

Sucked back in

I was going to walk away from Saturday's game and not look back...but The 12th Manchild would just not let me do a good way.

So, I now have to add The 12th Manchild to my blogroll and give them their props because this was too funny not to share.

Just wonder if the Texas A&M Engineers will call this one "Fat Boy 11" or "Little Fran."

And to put this week to rest I want to share this video with you - just please ignore the fact that Opie gives the lead-in...

Bubba (click on the red video link above the picture of the smoker and bus) the T-Shirt Fan that makes us all regret attaching such a negative connotation to that term. Thanks Bubba, for being a good man and not throwing batteries at Aggies ;)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

TVTanLine - Thanks Again Dood

Go to TVTanline and view his post on today's game...

On to Columbia

This whole week will revolve around a major case of revenge.

I have a bone to pick with Missouri.




Missouri's Athletics Site
Columbia Tribune Missouri blog

I was going to do the links in yellow - but that never shows up well - and black is no color for a link at all. So Mizzou - your colors are already getting on my nerves.

Halftime Update - Aggies @ Red Raiders

So far the headline should read:

"Raiders beat both the Aggies and the Refs."

No fewer than 3 blown calls in favor of the Aggies* - despite that, the defense has held the Aggies running attack enogh to allow the Red Raiders to score TDs on 3 of their 5 possessions.

*1. False Start penalty in 1st Q s/b offsides.
*2. Goodson fumbles ball on Aggies last possession - thankfully Aggies miss FG.
*3. Late hit on Harrell. Classic late hit by the Aggies by the way.

Thanks to Laconic913 of the Raiderpower Football Forum for uploading the video to YouTube.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Crabtree Added to Maxwell Award Watch List

Oct. 12, 2007

Crabtree Added to Maxwell List

LUBBOCK, Texas - Texas Tech freshman phenom WR Michael Crabtree (Dallas, Texas) has been added to the Maxwell Award candidate list, the Robert W. Maxwell Football Club announced today. Crabtree joins Red Raiders QB Graham Harrell on the list. The award is presented annually to college football's top player.

Crabtree's numbers this season through six games can't be duplicated on PlayStation - 17 touchdowns, 1,074 yards and 70 receptions. The 17 touchdowns are a new NCAA standard for freshmen and he is 10 short of the record of 27 that covers all classifications. He has caught at least three touchdown passes in five games this year and two in a ho-hum 15-catch, 188-yard effort against UTEP.

Texas Tech has never had two players named to the list, and Crabtree is the first non-quarterback listed under head coach Mike Leach.

Link to Tech Athletics Site

Link to the Maxwell Football Club - who needs to update their site a little. I'm just sayin'.

Congrats to Michael Crabtree.

Listen up recruits - listen to Tom Lemming and go to Texas Tech!

Thanks to Mr. Football for finding this great video.

And thanks to AugustaRaider for this little tidbit found on

Texas Tech wide receiver Mike Crabtree might leave for the NFL after his sophomore season, his father told The Dallas Morning News for a story that appeared Thursday.

That's provided he keeps up his stellar play.

"If he continues to do this in his first two years, I think he'll be out of there,'' the elder Crabtree, also named Michael, told the newspaper.

He cited risk of a major injury as a factor.

We as Raiders would sure hope to lose Mike, but know that this Tech offense has had productive receivers before and will again. We also know that if he makes the decision to go to the NFL, that can only mean that he's had an All-American career at Texas Tech - and we'll all be thankful for that.

I just wish these kids would stay for as long as they could, however.

Lots of angst this week as we head into the final stretch - I'm hopeful for a good, clean game with all involved walking off the field as healthy as they arrived - and wish all of you in Aggieland a great stay on the South Plains.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Time to play....the MORON GAME!!!!!!

You have to go back a pretty long ways in the annals of great sports press conferences to find anything remotely close to the tragicomedy on display today in College Station. Everyone's familiar with the great press conference meltdowns of all time: you know Jim Mora's 'don't talk about playoffs' rant, you loved Dennis Green's 'they are what we thought they were!' explosion, and you vowed never to talk shit about anyone from Oklahoma State within a 300 mile radius of Mike Gundy's sensitive ears.

These press conference meltdowns are fun in their own right, but the Aggies managed to surpass all of them on the basis of sheer unintentional comedy alone.

First, (and if I may speak as an Aggie for a moment) WHY DO YOU CALL A NEWS CONFERENCE? THIS STORY'S NEWS CYCLE ENDED LAST WEEK. EVERYONE FORGOT ABOUT IT! IT'S OVER! TELL ANYONE WHO CARES TO ASK THAT YOU'RE HANDLING IT WITHIN THE PROGRAM AND OH LOOK, A KEG OF BEER...YOU LIKE BEER, RIGHT!!!!! Fortunately for us, Dollar Bill felt the deep primordial urge to get up in front of the world and drag his coach through the mud two days before the biggest game of the season.

Second, the admonishment. Admonish. Such a funny word. With their super education, Aggies know what it means, but this poor Tceh grad had to look it up. And imagine my disappointment when I found out admonish didn't mean 'demand a blowjob in return for overlooking a serious failure, mistake, or shortcoming'. It would have been so fitting (somehow, Fran is eminently easy to imagine as a leather daddy). But alas, admonish means to advise or caution. What? Your coach is releasing detailed information to boosters to do whatever they damn well please with, and the best you can come up with is to advise or caution him not to do it? Dammit, I wish my job was this easy! Sorry about that building falling down. I will take your advice to not let that happen again.

What a disappointing cop-out.

If you're going to pick past the moldy, maggot encrusted hulk of Britney Spears' custody battle in the rancid dumpster of news no one cares about anymore to get to this story, at least give it some bite. Why not fire Fran and his staff today and bring back RC Slocumb for the rest of the year, with Jamaar Toombs as offensive coordinator/strength and conditioning coach? At least those two would relate to the most important players...Arrrrrceeeee and Stephen McGee could talk about the great Aggie traditions while sharing a jizz jar and Jamaar and Javorskie Lane could surreptitiously sneak off to the nearest Holy Grail of disgusting lardos, White Castle. Seeing as how the nearest one to College Station is in Murfeesboro, TN, the two would be gone for awhile, but that would sit well with Aggie fans who know they're getting fucking demolished this weekend with or without him and would cherish the ready made excuse/moral victory potential.

However the release of the Franletters to the public (with names of players delightfully redacted) more than made up for any lack of teeth in Fran's punishment. If I may speak as an Aggie fan again: WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU RELEASE THE LETTERS? JUST TELL ANYONE THAT WANTS TO KNOW THE SPECIFICS OF THE CONTENT THAT THERE WAS PRIVATE INFORMATION ABOUT PLAYERS AND YOU DIDN'T WANT TO PUT IT IN JEOPARDY! GOOD LORD I AM ABOUT TO HANG MYSELF! Here are some of my favorite excerpts

Apparently reporters two days ago, in an interview with [name redacted] got the impression that he reported to camp at the 268 pounds he weighed last spring after a long bout with mononucleosis. The NY Times reported that, and the beat writers followed up on it. He is, as only you know, heavier than the 282 he weighed going into the Texas game.

When told of the line of questioning based on the perception of [name redacted] weighing 268, Amy Bragg, our registered dietician in charge of performance nutrition, commented, “Yes, he is. And I’m 6-feet-2.” (She is 5-2.)

Still and probably repeating ourselves, [name redacted] looks the same – nimble and powerful – in practice. He gets winded quickly. “He is working hard,” Coach Fran said.

Yeah, we have no idea who that could be (snicker). But you have to love the bubble of delusion surrounding Fran. Yeah buddy, only those super special VIP's knew that Javorskie Lane was a complete fatass. Good thing you have this super secret newsletter to let your fans in on that secret.

For the week leading up to the Texas game last year: (and this needs to be broken up)
The motivational ploys this week include (and all of this is confidential):

The athletic trainers staff decorating themselves and the traing [sic] room in all-Longhorn motif all week. Athletic trainer David Weir just came up to inform Coach Fran of something, and he’s wearing a burnt orange t.u. staff shirt. When you enter the room for treatment a huge orange sign covers up the words “Texas A&M” and therefore reads, “Longhorn Athletic Training Room.”

How cute, they call Texas t.u. Because they're actually UT, but we don't capitalize it and put it backwards and that pisses the T-sips off oh so much. Right. It's times like this that you have to love the laid-back attitude of Mike Leach, who always has the same demeanor week to week, and most definitely doesn't resort to middle school tricks like these, and even more assuredly won't end up in the state sanitorium sawing the horns off a paper Bevo cutout with blunted scissors and muttering 'Mack I love you but I hate you' under his breath.

They have posted little signs all over the room with off-putting statements on them, such as “Chad Schroeder: not good enough to play for Texas.: and “Kirk-I’m Always Holding-Elder.” And “Yemi—I’m Too Soft—Babalola.” One that cuts like a knife says, “How do you get Obiozor out of the game? Put in the Scout Team.”

Let's see, true, true, true, and I had no idea Fran recruited Jews. I bet the one that cut really deep was 'Coach - Thank God for Ladanian Tomlinson - Fran.

In keeping with the spirit of raising consciousness to as high a level as possible, there is a set of longhorns hanging from both goal posts at the practice field. At the end of the week (tomorrow) we’re going to saw them into small pieces.


We had “Bevo Food Bits” in small dishes in the department the last two days for snacks.

Laughing a little bit too hard.

The training staff, imps, that they are this week, are then going to throw the orange shirts they’ve been wearing all week into the bonfire, er, uh, camp fire.

Coach, on behalf of Texas, Tech, and Baylor, thank you.

Thank you Fran and Bill Byrne for the great times. This illustrious team will most definitely not be together to entertain us next year, thanks for going out in the most spectacular manner possible. Thank you for the blowout losses, the unbelievable gaffes, the specious optimism, and most importantly, thank you for the never-to-be-lived-down internet material. It's been quite the ride.

Don't know about you, but I have it!

Mr. Football from took time away from his busy schedule of sweeping his home for CIA listening devices and trying to convince everyone why we need to get back on the gold standard to bless us with this little gem...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Drinking with Boris Yeltsin: A&M game preview

You remember that time that you went to Russia on vacation, and your buddy made you go out to have some real authentic vodka and borscht immediately after getting off the 14 hour flight from LAX? Do you remember ambling into that little restaurant just around the corner from the Kremlin and quickly throwing back four shots of the smoothest vodka you'd ever tasted?

Do you remember when the rheumy-eyed, white haired old man made that smartass remark about Americans holding their liquor, and in a jet-lagged, two-thirds drunk daze, do you remember challenging the old fucker to a drinking contest?

Do you remember the evil glint that flashed across his suddenly crystal-clear eyes? Do you remember the smirk on his face that revealed jagged, cigar-stained teeth? Do you remember the flippant way the old man, who now resembled John Wayne more than George Burns, tossed his shapka to the barkeeper as he growled in a gruff voice, "Two vodkas here, one for me, one for my friend"? Do you remember way your buddy's voice cracked the same way it did that time you were riding shotgun with him after a night at the bars and you saw those flashing blue lights behind you as he muttered, "oh, shit"?

Do you remember the cold bomb that dropped in the pit of your stomach, and the oddly dizzy sobriety that rushed to your head as the old man turned around and said, "Hello. My name is Boris Yeltsin. Now, shall we drink?"

Well aggy, this week, you are the slack-jawed American tourist.

In the long period of Tech's dominance over A&M (9 of 12, but really, who's counting?), there has never been a matchup that would figure to favor Tech as much as this one. Even in the '03 and '05 beatdowns, A&M came into the game with an experienced quarterback that had won something (anything!). This year, all the Aggies have to hang their hat on is the running game that wasn't enough to beat a weak Tech defense last year at home. With the rejuvenated Tech defense, the purring-on-all-cylinders Tech offense that will be facing the 75th-ranked passing defense unit in the country, and the home field advantage, Tech will win going away.

But college football is about so much more than wins and losses.

Just like the 14 hours trapped in the window seat next to the transvestite and her sleazy photographer left you in a giddy, happy to be alive and off the plane mood that led to your ill-advised machismo-driven challenge to the rheumy-eyed old man, A&M's last minute race to the bottom victory last week over Oklahoma State and their surprising early division lead has left the Aggies in a state of deluded ecstasy. And for some reason, not only are they figuratively challenging the old Russian man's capacity for vodka, they're professing their admiration for Mikhail Gorbachev while humming the 'Viva Viagra' jingle!

Javorskie Lane, who has yet to play on three consecutive downs: "We're going to win in 2007. That's a guarantee. I promise you."

Danny Gorrer: "Crabtree's got to bring his A-game when he faces Danny Gorrer."

Mark Dodge: "Last year was just a fluke."

The fact that the team that hasn't won in Lubbock in 15 years has the gall to guarantee victory in a game where they're clearly overmatched is almost as infuriating as the fanbase that has the gall to brag about class when one of their dearest traditions is playing over the opposing school's alma mater during the postgame. Or the fanbase that has the gall to play the righteous indignation card about animal violence when their own fucking fight song promises bodily harm to another school's mascot. Or the students that have the gall to talk down about my education while using words like selftegrity.

Make no mistake, Aggie nation, you are stumbling happily into one grim ambush on Saturday. And just like Boris kept on happily pounding away at carafe after carafe of vodka long after you'd fallen under the table and your buddy was frantically trying to pull you out from under the booth and back to the hotel before you got hauled to the gulag, Mike Leach will enjoy like never before the absolute, total embarrassment of the cocky, condescending fake soldiers and their cherubic dates.

Enjoy your stay in Lubbock.


will the AP please verify their sources, please

I've been reading the continuing media coverage of the "T-Shirt" story. One thing has jumped out at me - and it appears I'm not the only one.

You see - I've never seen batteries thrown at any Tech sporting event. Not before, not during and not after.

And I think that Tech deserves better than to have Urban Legends grow under our watch while we stand idly by. I realize our little part of interwebland may have little effect.

I do ask that proof of these stories be provided - either in print as reported by the media just after it happened, or by the school administration who would not have stood by and tolerated this behavior.

I now direct you to as Robert Giovanneti of has similar words for those out there that allow these stories to persist.

We wish that this little Energizer Bunny of assumption would be substantiated.

Now back to our original programming...

ABC Coverage Map of A&M-Tech

Click on the picture below to get a larger view.

Everybody Loves Fran

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Great Article on Ryland Reed in today's Chron

See what I did there?

I called them by their legitimate name because they ran a legitimate piece.

For Tech's Reed, life is beautiful

Thanks Terrance Harris!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Rember the Alamo! Remember Jones Stadium!

Our interweb friend over at Classless Clowns has gone so far as to "brand" his blog with the episode now known as the "Goalpost Incident." The incident that forced a re-issuance of the Aggie Media Guide to remove the reference to Texas Tech as a bunch of Classless Clowns.

Thanks to CourtJester92 of the Football Forum of reminding us about HornFans' third-party analysis of the Texas Tech/Texas A&M squabble looked like from another team's perspective:

The Gap Kid and Harry Potter take on the Aggies
(I'm noticing that this link is slow - it's HornFan's server - not the link - and it's worth the wait)

And lastly - DiscoTech!'s own perspective as tipped to us by our buddy HeightsRaider:

The similarity is oddly right on.

Aggies - Leading the World in Classy

I have had it up to my freaking eyes in "Look at the Classless Clowns in Lubbock" garbage. I've had enough Aggies insult my fellow Raiders with lectures on how horrible we are as human beings.

Today, the ridiculous "Vick 'Em" T-Shirt has come to light and renewed the fervor of CollieStation. We refuse to post links to the article or to any images of the shirt - we are not going to give those idiots what they want - which is more attention. I'm already disgusted with myself that I've wasted this much time even discussing the matter.

This brand new ammo has served to further perpetrate the idea that Lubbock is full of barely literate knuckle-draggers who would just assume throw batteries at your grandma than see a maroon Tahoe with a 12th Man Foundation sticker on the rear bumper.

I have no doubt that there are bad apples in the barrel. Further, I never approve of such behavior and try as best I can to be sure that those around me are setting a good example. This is the position that the vast majority of Tech fans hold to - but we can't control the minority.

The great thing is that neither can the Aggies! For decades now the Agricultural and Mechanical crowd has somehow designated themselves the paragon of sportsmanship. The sneer you hear in Dave South's voice will tell you how much better they are than you and only one visit to TexAgs by a Raider - and you better prepare for a beatdown of epic proportions - because you just aren't good enough to breathe the same air as an Aggie - and if you don't think so - they'll be sure you're reminded.

I don't hate Aggies. Some of my best friends in the whole world are Aggies. I was accepted to go to Texas A&M and I went to Tech (*Aggie huffs in disbelief, unconvinced*). You can, in fact go to Texas Tech and be a doctor or a lawyer or an astronaut or a financial advisor or even an engineer. The difference is that for most Raiders - we went to Tech and yet are not defined by that. We Raiders only have an issue with the Aggies that go to Texas A&M and let it define their life.

Back to the subject of "Self-anointed Judge and Jury of Class":

Ha Ha Ha - chock full of class *rolleyes*

Both of these pics below are from our 1970 LaVentana...feel free to click on the pics so that you can see the defaced Tech property clearly.

Did You Notice Leach's Wrap?

After browsing some pictures snapped by fans at the Iowa State game this weekend, I got to wondering about this particular one taken by RevcoMan from

What was the wrap all about? Did he slap on a bunch of Icy Hot to cure a sore arm?

It turns out it was worse. Coach Leach fell off his bicycle last Friday and broke a bone in his arm.

He's a tough guy, waiting until Monday to take care of it.


Texas Tech Coach Leach Breaks Arm Falling From Bike

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Texas Tech's Mike Leach talks often about how players need to play through pain as the season wears on.

Now he'll have to walk his talk.

Leach said Monday he broke a bone in his right arm when he hit the pavement after falling from his bicycle on Friday.

Leach said he got a flat tire and tried to fill it with enough air to make it to his destination, but "it proceeded to run out of air. I took a routine turn, then went into a slide, so then it broke the arm."

Leach, who wore a wrap around his elbow area to his weekly gathering with the media Monday, had cuts and scratches on each palm and abrasions to his right hip and shoulder.

"It's just a mess," he said. "Went from a one-and-a-half week deal to six. It's a nuisance."