Monday, October 8, 2007

Aggies - Leading the World in Classy

I have had it up to my freaking eyes in "Look at the Classless Clowns in Lubbock" garbage. I've had enough Aggies insult my fellow Raiders with lectures on how horrible we are as human beings.

Today, the ridiculous "Vick 'Em" T-Shirt has come to light and renewed the fervor of CollieStation. We refuse to post links to the article or to any images of the shirt - we are not going to give those idiots what they want - which is more attention. I'm already disgusted with myself that I've wasted this much time even discussing the matter.

This brand new ammo has served to further perpetrate the idea that Lubbock is full of barely literate knuckle-draggers who would just assume throw batteries at your grandma than see a maroon Tahoe with a 12th Man Foundation sticker on the rear bumper.

I have no doubt that there are bad apples in the barrel. Further, I never approve of such behavior and try as best I can to be sure that those around me are setting a good example. This is the position that the vast majority of Tech fans hold to - but we can't control the minority.

The great thing is that neither can the Aggies! For decades now the Agricultural and Mechanical crowd has somehow designated themselves the paragon of sportsmanship. The sneer you hear in Dave South's voice will tell you how much better they are than you and only one visit to TexAgs by a Raider - and you better prepare for a beatdown of epic proportions - because you just aren't good enough to breathe the same air as an Aggie - and if you don't think so - they'll be sure you're reminded.

I don't hate Aggies. Some of my best friends in the whole world are Aggies. I was accepted to go to Texas A&M and I went to Tech (*Aggie huffs in disbelief, unconvinced*). You can, in fact go to Texas Tech and be a doctor or a lawyer or an astronaut or a financial advisor or even an engineer. The difference is that for most Raiders - we went to Tech and yet are not defined by that. We Raiders only have an issue with the Aggies that go to Texas A&M and let it define their life.

Back to the subject of "Self-anointed Judge and Jury of Class":

Ha Ha Ha - chock full of class *rolleyes*

Both of these pics below are from our 1970 LaVentana...feel free to click on the pics so that you can see the defaced Tech property clearly.


Anonymous said...

Blake needs to take is his car off the road at 70 mph right into a tree. What's even worse are the fat middle aged men laughing at his juvenile attempts at humor.

Bond J. Bond said...

That's exactly the type of comment I wasn't hoping for.

Although you are correct that the "acceptance" by his "elders" is telling - and exactly the point.

Anonymous said...

A moronic attempt at humor by someone who, for whatever reason, is given a public forum to air his sophomoric rants.

At the very least you would hope he could come up with some creative barbs, not ones that a mildly-retarded junior high student would be proud of.

Anonymous said...


It's fun to watch the Ags and Sand Ags go at it this week. Face it: The Ags and the Sand Ags don't get along because y'all are a lot alike. The only difference: Sand Ags throw. Land Ags run. Neither play defense, and both get their heads regularly kicked in by Texas.

Hook 'em,

B. Orange

agjones76 said...

Ya, that Blake character probably had all week to put that script together and he blew it. Poor game plan, poor execution. Was that Fran in a costume?
And also sand is land.
Nice blog though, it does get old hearing how great all the A&M traditions are and what stewards of citizenship they are.

r said...

Any idea on the dates of those photos?

Bond J. Bond said...

The photos are from the 1970 annual - so that means the Fall of 1969 - the week of the Aggie game - so I would imagine Sept or Oct of 1969.