Monday, October 15, 2007

Have a little faith...

Before I get started I want to thank zebbie for pointing out some errors in my previous post...ESPN Gameday will be in Lexington for Tim Tebow @ Kentucky and Cal plays UCLA...whoops.

For the rest of this post I will be typing from my Bond-mobile and you must refer to me as "The Holy Father of Tech Football." I'm about to drop some serious hope on your wayward souls.

The good folks at have updated their data and here's today's homily:


Total Defense = #78 w/ 403 yds per game
Passing Defense = #100 w/ 264 yds per game
Scoring Defense = #48 w/ 24.5 pts per game

Texas A&M:

Total Defense = #74 w/ 398 yds per game
Passing Defense = #99 w/ 264 yds per game
Scoring Defense = #45 w/ 24 pts per game

Missouri has played:

Oklahoma #14 in total offense
Nebraska #38 in total offense
W Mich #49 in total offense
Illinois #56 in total offense
Ole Miss #80 in total offense
Illinois State (I think these guys are FCS)

Red Raiders:

Passing Defense = #16 w/ 178 per game
Total Defense = #39 w/ 341 per game
Scoring Defense = #32 w/ 20.6 per game

Red Raiders have played:

OSU #12 in total offense
UTEP #26 in total offense
TAMU #43 in total offense
SMU #54 in total offense
ISU #99 in total offense
Rice #109 in total offense


Aggies = 15 Gained/8 Lost
Missouri = 14 Gained/11 Lost
TTU = 12 Gained/12 Lost : Jamar Wall


Missouri = 34 for 221 (5th best in the nation)
TTU = 64 for 611 (118th) hey - we moved up a spot:

Dear ones, don't you see - we get to play the Aggie defense again! Except we have to play them in their house and they practice against the spread all the time - but since our defense does as well - I'll call that matchup even.

Our Ex-DC Lyle has helped OSU and UTEP's offenses into their lofty heights to be sure so there may be little argument in comparing the teams we've played thus far.

Missouri is a very disciplined team, and while Tech certainly showed vast improvement Saturday, one game does not a trend make. We pray for our salvation from the yellow devil.

Why all this focus on defenses and penalties and turnovers and such?

Because while there is a slight edge to the Tech offense over the Missouri offense - the difference is slight:

Name G Rush Yards Pass Yards Plays Total Yards Yards/Play Yards/G
1 Texas Tech 7 571 3503 541 4074 7.5 582.0
2 Tulsa 6 1159 2278 484 3437 7.1 572.8
3 Louisville 7 1133 2784 551 3917 7.1 559.6
4 Hawai'i 7 519 3251 523 3770 7.2 538.6
5 Missouri 6 1052 2149 493 3201 6.5 533.5

Missouri will throw a few more runs into the mix than Tech will - but they end up in nearly the same place - add another game to the totals for Missouri and their total yards gained for the year....would still trail Tech's by about 300 yards - or about 40 yards a game.....not enough of a difference to get excommunicated over.

If there is one offense deficiency in the Tiger attack it's that their scoring efficiency doesn't match up to their yards gained - and we saw in last week's game how that can be so important when playing Tech - you have to take advantage of all of your scoring chances. Missouri, surprisingly, ranks 10th in scoring offense clocking in 40 points per game - while Tech averages exactly 50 per contest which is 3rd in the country.

And if it comes down to a kick - well I'll take Automatic Alex any day...but WTF was up with that blocked kick against the Aggies? Chris Hudler - my main need to get on top of that this week for sure!

Kicking Statistics
NAME XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+
Jeff Wolfert303010081266.71/14/42/31/40/0
NAME XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+
Alex Trlica48481004757.11/10/11/11/21/2

So dear souls, I predict victory in Columbia. A sign from above will lead you to Columbia...

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