Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another day in paradise

Some more inappropriately than others.

We crapped our pants again at the sight of a beautiful girl while walking the halls. In fact, I'm not so sure we're ever going to make it to the homecoming dance, much less prom. The guy who has to wear diapers rarely gets to go to any dance at all.

If we keep letting teams bully us around all day we might as well go home and let mommy fix us our favorite dish. We also need to get used to watching reruns of Baywatch because that's the closest we'll ever get to being with a great looking female.

So really, what is it?

Recruiting? Maybe.
Leach not an impassioned leader? The thought has crossed my mind.
Airports? Ryan Hyatt thinks so...(not really, but it's a great line in a great article)
Inexperience? With only one senior on offense that might be said - but 7 games into the season, we better not be using that one.

The season is not over by a far stretch - but those boys who thought they were Heisman contenders - well they better start playing like it.

The number one question on my mind right now has to do with the father of Michael Crabtree. I wonder how full of himself he is now that his son is playing against real Big 12 competition.

Let's reminisce:

Texas Tech wide receiver Mike Crabtree might leave for the NFL after his sophomore season, his father told The Dallas Morning News for a story that appeared Thursday.

That's provided he keeps up his stellar play.

"If he continues to do this in his first two years, I think he'll be out of there,'' the elder Crabtree, also named Michael, told the newspaper.

He cited risk of a major injury as a factor.

Good game Missouri by the way - you did what you needed to do - best of luck to your team.


Anonymous said...

James Bond,

Listen, you need to be honest. What happened to Tech is what always happens to Tech. They're not very good. Your Heisman QB's stand in the large shadow of Billy Joe Tolliver, the lone Sand Aggie to make it in the NFL. Remember his stellar career with the Oilers?

Tech is great as an underdog at home, especially at night when all you clowns get liqoured up and crazy. But when they go on the road against a real team when Tech has something at stake, they lose ... every time. Your team plays flag football and lacks cajones. You can't win in the snow. You can't bust some one in the mouth when you have to. You can't win with a goal line stand.

I have watched you Tech commentators talk about the "resurgent" Tech defense, after beating some high school in LA and the Aggies at home? The Aggies? They are horrible, esp. on the road. (See Miami.) If Texas played defense for one quarter the way your team plays for whole seasons at a team, Akina would be burned at the stake ... outside the stadium after the game.

You have no defense, and you have a coach and a system that won't be able to recruit a real defense. You have an offense that can win 9 games tops, maybe 10 if you're lucky and if you have a schedule where you don't have to play any tough road games. Your QB was pathetically blaming his receivers and whining after his performance the other day. And you let a basketball school push your butts around without their starting tailback. Missouri ran all over your D?

Your problem as Sand Aggies is similar to your cousins the Land Aggies: You are satisfied with being spoilers, with ruining seasons from time to time. Ten wins is a banner year for you, and all is good on the South Plains.

Meanwhile, teams like Texas and OU make it their goal to win them all.

Anonymous said...

anonymous poster above, you need to be honest. You are still upset b/c TH was "in for the win". I hope the Red Raiders can do something similar for you again this year just to keep those panties of yours nice and bunched up. Oh, and your ASSumption, that anyone at Tech is satisfied at playing the spoiler couldn't be more wrong. However, don't let reality stand in the way of your delusions. Have a great day!!

Bond J. Bond said...

I think you're wrong about the ability of the program to recruit to the defense b/c of the offense - but that will be borne out over the next few seasons - Lyle wasn't participating in any recruiting at all - that doesn't help.

I think you're wrong that the Tech faithful are "satisfied" - you have no point of reference to understand the lack of resources that Tech has esp. when compared to UT and OU - you would do well to understand that inequality first.

Some of what you say is true - but it's our school and its not like we're going to start rooting for some other school...

And by the looks of it OU and UT aren't exactly having their way with their schedule either - so good luck with the BCS for the rest of the year...

Oh yeah - and you're an asshole.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Bond. Methink thou dost resort to the ad hominem too much whilst I was having a bit of fun at the Sand Ags' expense. This is what happens when logic runs out.

I think you shouldn't take yourself so seriously, especially with that defense of yours. I certainly don't expect you not to cheer for Tech. I mean, you dance with who brung ya.

But it's obvious by your reponse, and the other one above, that I am onto something here. You need to shed your satisfaction with 10 wins and/or ruining a Big 12 power's season. If you weren't satisfied with such results, you would have fired the Head Pirate by now.

Re: Leach ... He's a good offensive mind, no question. But he's not a great head coach. That's why, for example, he didn't get the Miami job. Why any one would want to leave Lubbock for Miami, I mean, really ... but I digress.

Seriously, where is the NFL talent that this guru is churning out? He would have been fired at Texas with his record and the white flag routinely raised by his defenses. These are facts. He blames his coordinators, like his QB blames every one when things go wrong. I don't think he's a great college head coach or leader. The record speaks for itself.

Yes, Texas, OU and others might be down somewhat this year. But our goals and infrastructure remain in place. So do Tech's.

B. Orange