Sunday, December 30, 2007

another booger eater joins Chase Daniel

When you are in attendance at ANY event that is on national TV - it should not have to be pointed out to you that there are cameras live all over the pace - and that the intertubes are ready and waiting to be sure your booger eating is on display for all eternity...

I'm just doing my part to educate the masses:

This fella joins Chase Daniel as 2007 "Caught on Tape" booger eaters...congratulations to both of you on your achievement.

there's no crying in football people

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas YouTube Dump

CBS Gator Bowl Preview:

Thanks to skattershooting for uploading this gem from the 5A Division I State Final game:

That's Jim Rackley at his best - and his worst. Having grown up in the shadows of D W Rutledge and Jim Rackley I can tell you that is a normal day on the sidelines for The Rack.

Emily Jones was flustered. I know some of our readers are taken with Emily - sorry that this video doesn't reveal some of her best features.

But Saturday was Trinity's day, as the Trojans came away with a 13 - 10 win.

Will I apologize?

When something is not a failure but a success and you call it a failure...well that may deserve an apology.

How about when you call something a failure but...


I called Brian Mayes out and he couldn't tell me the I Like Mike fund was working on spending the money charitably. He feared that it would give away the surprise of the event and I can understand that.

The I Like Mike Fund was not a failure.

While I don't regret calling Brian to the carpet and asking for a little accountability, it turns out my timing was just dreadful and now I have a bit of egg nog on my face.

No biggie. It won't be the last time that will happen I'm sure. I think Brian handled all this pretty well and so I apologize to him for being an ass.

So - to the real story at hand. The I Like Mike Fund raised about $5000 and worked with the Tech coaching staff to use that money to purchase food for the less fortunate and they distributed that food on Saturday.

"It doesn't surprise me that coach Leach would not take the money to pay his fine,'' Mayes said. "This really was always a symbolic gesture to tell coach Leach that, We appreciate your passion for the university. This is our way of showing our passion for you as a coach.' ''

Leach called today's event "a chance to enjoy the holiday season with our fans and those less fortunate than us.''

"We've got great support here,'' Leach said. "Our fans show a lot of commitment to us. We wanted to show our commitment to them, so together we're committed like the pig.''

Mayes said that he plans to keep the fund drive open and wants to use donations for other charitable purposes on an annual basis. Some of the money left over this year, he said, will be used to help send underprivileged children to a Tech game next season.

You gotta love Mike Leach getting in a poke at the commitment of the pig. That guy is a sound bite machine. You also have to love it that Coach would take time out of his busy schedule to deliver the goods himself. He could have easily asked that the money be donated to the Food Bank or to a shelter - but he got in there and went to work himself.

As other fans from rival teams come read these pages - we know this is just one example of why we fight to keep Coach Leach in Lubbock. Even with all his warts - he's a hard working guy - and a man that connects with the fans and the students personally. May he remain at Tech for a very long time.

So again - I look like the Grinch and Brian Mayes looks good - although it's clear his intent was never to trumpet his own name. I hope you continue to come back and read the blog every now and then Brian, maybe one day our paths will cross IRL and I can buy you the beverage of your choice.

Let's not forget that the real winners are a bunch of folks who got a little extra to eat over a cold Christmas weekend, and let's not forget to thank those that gave.

We here at DT! wish all of you a Merry Christmas! Please be safe out there.

(Even if you are a Big 12 official.)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Manny to see game action?

Detroit Free Press

Injuries may provide an opportunity for Manny to get some playing time in the upcoming Lions game against the Chiefs on Sunday:

"Mulitalo on Friday was listed as doubtful for Sunday's game against the Chiefs at Ford Field. Marinelli said if Mulitalo is out, Blaine Saipaia and Ramirez likely will rotate at left guard. Ramirez was a fourth-round pick out of Texas Tech this year. "He's tough from what we saw. He's been tough all year," Marinelli said. "That's what we liked about him. He's a good pass-blocker ... and he's worked hard. He's got the mental makeup."

I hope those with Sunday ticket will get us an update on how Manny does - we wish you the best big guy - Wreck 'em.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Checking up on the Cavaliers

No, not LeBron's - the Cavs in Virginia...

Looks like The Sabre has found some Mike Leach material and we encourage all of The Sabre's readers to come to DiscoTech! and use our search function to find all kinds of Mike Leach craziness.

Looks like they haven't found Mike Leach as the weatherman - that will be fun.

Here's just one of our posts on The Head Pirate (aka TSO) for your enjoyment:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Al Groh probably isn't good at chess

The former Tech coach loves to wear his sweatshirts
with the sleeves pushed up to the elbows

...that's not the reason he's probably not a chess player - it's just something I noticed when looking for pics of him...

Coach had his pre-Gator Bowl practice press conference on Tuesday. Several Virginia area media outlest were there to cover the event and share their take on Virginia's preparation for the bowl matchup against the Red Raiders.

After reviewing these articles, Coach Groh may need to take a course in strategery from GWB.

From the News and Advance in Lynchburg, Virginia:

Kansas State coach Ron Prince, a UVa assistant for five seasons, figured to be a good source on Texas Tech. Not so. Despite being in the Big 12, Prince's Northern Division Wildcats have not faced the Southern Division Red Raiders in either of his two years in Manhattan. They do next year, however.

"I told him, 'This is screwy,'" Groh joked. "'They're in your conference and we're going to be able to help you more than you can help us.'"


Use the internet much? I'm sure you and Coach Prince had a nice visit and all - but you could have learned that K-State is "off-rotation" from any number of wonderful places call "internet sites."

The News and Advance does a good job recapping Coach Groh's short stay in Lubbock and the circumstances that brought him through town:

One of the many stops in Groh's career was at Texas Tech, where he was a linebacker coach for Rex Dockery in 1980. As has been the case throughout his career, it had a lot to do with Bill Parcells.

Groh was Parcells' defensive coordinator at Air Force from 1978-79 before Parcells left to be defensive coordinator for the New York Giants.

That prompted Groh to join Dockery's staff in Lubbock in 1980. Dockery, who was the Red Raiders' head coach from 1978-80, had been the schools offensive coordinator prior to that. The defensive coordinator at that time? Bill Parcells.

Dockery left for Memphis State in 1981 and Groh was hired by former West Point coaching pal John Mackovic to be Wake Forest's defensive coordinator. But Mackovic left two months later to be the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback coach, making Groh the Deacons' head coach. He was there from 1981-86 and went 24-40.

Back to Groh's pursuit of defensive strategy...this time from The Roanoke Times:

Virginia football coach Al Groh has no better source for information about pass-happy opponent Texas Tech than his old University of North Carolina coaching colleague, Gary Darnell.

Darnell is in his second season as Texas A&M's defensive coordinator but he's a little busy right now.

Darnell is serving as the Aggies' interim head coach for their Alamo Bowl matchup with Penn State.

"When I spoke to him, it was, 'OK, I've got a couple of minutes,'" said Groh, who said Darnell told him, 'I'd like to talk to you some more but we've got to go to practice.'

"I'm waiting for the return phone call. It's a little bit overdue from when it was promised. What would appear to be our best resource is not cashing in yet."

Okay Virginia. Since you haven't figured out how to find our schedule online, let DT! help you out with the result of Darnell's defensive strategy against Tech:

Here's the boxscore in case you missed it.

I thought you said that Virginia needed to keep Texas Tech from scoring points? Here's a tip Gary Kasparov can get on board with: Coach Darnell may not be the guy to ask about keeping Tech out of the endzone.

Finally someone in the Big 12 did give Al Groh some advice - and while this coach was not mentioned by name - I wonder if Coach Groh finally decided to call someone that actually played Tech and *gasp* maybe even beat us...


Among the suggestions Virginia coach Al Groh has heard from friends in the business on how to slow the Texas Tech offense is this one, provided by an unnamed colleague who has faced the Red Raiders:

“He said his plan was to put the best basketball players on the field that he had,” Groh said Tuesday.

I would rank this just ahead of whatever Coach Darnell might actually suggest. Basketball players might be fun to play against.

Charlottesville's CBS affiliate has their broadcast video available featuring the mighty Groh at the mic...

Maybe the weird strategy of dial-a-coach is partly responsible for Groh ending up on Stewart Mandel's list of "5 Worst Football Coaches." Mandel wrote this piece before the season kicked off (it was published 7/11/07) and so it's interesting now to see how prescient most of the list is...

#2? Coach Fran.
#4? Coach Doba @ Washington State
#5? Karl Dorrell

His "Just Missed" section includes Bill Callahan, Chan Gailey and Houston Nutt.

Stewie definitely swings and misses after excellent performances this season by Coach Groh, Tommy Bowden, and Ron Zook.

DT! Heather Dinich of reports on the loot that the bowl participants will be given this year. The Konica Minolta will be handing out Oakley Thumps to all the players. That's a $200 gift. Not a Nintendo Wii (BCS Championship Game, Holiday and Poinsettia) or an iPod Touch (Las Vegas Bowl). But it's no commemorative watch.

DT! The LA Times released their rankings and picks of bowl games today. The Gator clock in at the 12th most intriguing matchup. Just ahead of the Alamo and just behind BC versus Michigan State in the Champs Sports Bowl. Good grief. I'm concerned I might be taken to the ER by my wife to get me out of a coma if I watch the Champs Sports Bowl.

DT! I don't know who Chip Ramsey is, but I like this line:

Texas Tech scores like an oilman in a cat house with a roll of $100 bills. Virginia had a nice season, but really. Take Texas Tech.

Wreck 'em.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Not his best side...

Maybe it's a bad camera angle or the lighting...

Your captions are welcome in the comments area...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Everybody's All American

I couldn't keep track of all of these different teams - I hope these links and a special spreadsheet I put together help out...

AP also notes in their press release:

The last freshman to be an AP All-American was Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson in 2004.

Sporting News



Walter Camp

Because I'm a visual learner - I created this document for you - hope it helps you sort through the maze of All American Teams and the rare company that Michael Crabtree has joined this year.

Only seven players made all five All-American first teams. While I have no idea about this from a historical perspective - it is nonetheless an incredible achievement. When you look over the list you'll see some players that were omitted from only one list (Matt Ryan instead of Tim Tebow say the Coaches Association......really?) and so can't make the claim to be on all 5 lists.

Some players only made one list - but clearly are incredible players - I think Xavier Adibi is amazing and yet can't believe he's only made one First Team...

Thanks to Seth for showing me that Google Documents is cool and easy...

EDIT: Reader noted that Sedrick Ellis of USC was named to all 5 teams as well - I need an editor...Thanks for the fix.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Crabtree and Harrell awards, ranking the bowls, etc

More plaudits for Mr. Crabtree (and the first for Graham Harrell):


Crabtree was named Freshman of the Year and he received the Paul Warfield Award, like the Biletnikoff, given annually to the nation's top receiver.

Crabtree joins Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell as an honoree of The Touchdown Club of Columbus. Harrell was awarded the Sammy Baugh Trophy as the nation's top quarterback. He is the third Tech quarterback to receive the award, after Kliff Kingsbury in 2002 and B.J. Symons in 2003.

All of the post season awards are wonderful and have already raised the profile of the program, recruiting is seeing a definite improvement already, and all I want for Christmas is a Big 12 Championship.

A true test awaits Crabtree in the Gator Bowl and next year. The target will be n his back - and he will get measured for a new hat size - let's all hope that it's the same hat size he wore in the Spring of 2007.

I didn't do it - but this outfit did...

South Carolina's "The State"

Gator Bowl clocks in at #15 - I haven't had much time to think about other bowls that might be more exciting...

Just thought you guys might want to see it...

DT! Brian Mayes has asked me to contact him in the comments section of the post below. Brian, in case you couldn't tell I already contacted you. I'm asking you to contact me.

Of course whatever you tell me will be reported here immediately, so why don't you craft a communication in your own words and send it to me. That way I can't be accused of bending the facts.

You've brought yourself into the public forum - and need to be accountable.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dear Brian Mayes,

An exercise in self-gratification

How's that "I Like Mike Fund" going?

One of the things I'm really a big fan of is accountability. You can't just go sending off press releases - getting your idea promoted by the likes of ESPN and The Dallas Morning News and then expect that we would just forget?

Those major media outlets have moved on - the "I Like Mike Fund" is of no interest to them - they're busy with bowl games and NFL Playoffs and whatnot...

Not me.

You got some 'splaining to do, Lucy.

So let me do some guessing and see how close I am - and if I'm wrong - you send me an e-mail to the blog - make sure you send that to

Let's start:

How close am I?

Please tell me I missed the press release you sent about the planned picture with coach Leach and yourself holding a big check.

Now, please tell me you sent everyone their money back.

And tell me Plains National Bank has helped you in this effort. Nice deal on their part getting a little free publicity. PNB has been a big supporter of Tech over the years - so they should be first in line to be sure that no Tech alumni were harmed in the making of this farce.

So Brian, tell me I'm wrong.

We're waiting.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wes Welker and The Masked Rider

Want to read a short biography? I should note that it is a well written biography. Jim McCabe of the Boston Globe brings us a great story about Wes and his rise to prominence and nationwide man-crush status (Link to NY Times blogger Mark St. Amant).

I should also note that it's a bit long - so grab a beverage and enjoy.

Yes Welker

Oh Wes, we knew you when.

My favorite bit of McCabe's article:

In his four years at Heritage Hall, Welker had scored 90 touchdowns in an assortment of ways - 53 on the ground, 27 on passes, 7 on punt returns, and 3 on interceptions. For good measure he had added 35 field goals, 165 extra-point kicks, and four 2-point conversions. Use your fingers, toes, and calculator, and you'll get 818 points in 49 games, an average of 16.7 per. Oh, and by the way, as a defensive back he made 190 tackles, had 22 interceptions, and 9 fumble recoveries.

Is that all?

Now - about the Masked Rider...

Kevin Burns happens to be Seth's man-crush at the moment - and he may have already commented on this in my absence...

Kevin Burns "Sanctioned" by Masked Rider Advisory Committee...

For those that haven't been keeping up - years ago this same committee deemed it unsafe to ride across the Jones at full tilt with the reins in your mouth and not in your hands. I can understand that. Last thing we want is to lose a Masked Rider. I get the felling Kevin's a better horseman than that though.

I think Kevin's legend grows as his mustache does. Anyone that saw him on national TV busting tail across the field with his guns up - well that was just awesome.

The man in the black hat...the lawman who breaks all the rules and steals all the ladies hearts...

Kevin Burns is trouble.

"Tell them I'm comin'! And Hell's comin' with me! You hear?!? Hells' comin' with me!"

Friday, December 7, 2007

Crabtree - Consensus All-American


Texas Tech wide receiver Mike Crabtree on Friday achieved consensus all-America status with his inclusion on The Sporting News all-America team.

Consensus status is conferred players who make a majority of the five teams recognized by the NCAA — The Associated Press, The Sporting News, the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and the Walter Camp all-America team.

Crabtree, who leads the nation in catches (125), yards (1,861) and receiving touchdowns (21), has made each of the first three all-America teams that have been released. The AP and Football Writers will announce their teams next week.

Crabtree is Tech’s eighth consensus all-American, according to athletic department research. The others are center-linebacker E.J. Holub (1959-60), wide receiver Dave Parks (1963), running back Donny Anderson (1964-65), defensive tackle Gabe Rivera (1982), punter Mark Bounds (1991), linebacker Zach Thomas (1995) and defensive end Montae Reagor (1998).

Also on Friday, Tech defensive tackle Colby Whitlock and linebacker Brian Duncan were named to freshman all-American teams by Whitlock was a second-team honoree and Duncan a third-team choice.

Congrats Crab. Now go help the team get a Big 12 title.

The Texas Tech Connection

It's really amazing how many connections there are to be made. Especially out of DFW.

Really - as I've contributed to this blog - even over the short time we've done it - I have become more aware of the influence that Texas Tech has had on people. How so many amazing people have come through Lubbock and go on to other endeavors. As Techsans we really do bear our banner far and wide.

While I was away I made a few jobs through various airport terminals. Only a week ago today - I met a college football legend in person. Once again I was humbled. Humbled by his grace and his charisma. And humbled because I really know so little about Texas Tech.

I was at DFW at our C Terminal gate reading my magazine as I noticed an older fellow and his wife sit in front of me and my wife. When someone is wearing a throwback jacket with "SBC Cotton Bowl" embroidered on it - and a rolling suitcase with the same logo on it - well, I pay attention.

I knew his face but couldn't place it right away - and this was going to kill me so I had to get some more clues. Clue number one was the big ring on his right hand - a championship ring of some sort - with a green rock in the center. Okay - I THINK I know who it is - because I'm not gonna make a fool of myself - I may be flying American, but I'm not a total idiot.

So when we are boarding the plane, I happen to board in one of the first groups - this fella is in the later groups. I sit on the aisle so that I might get the final clue, and as he rolls on by, I read the name on his luggage tag and confirm that I was right...

It dawns on me - I think I'm the only sonovabitch on this plane that knows who this guy is! Shazaam - I know I am the only guy on the plane who knows who this guy is!

So do I bother him? I don't want to. I have a history of acting very un-James Bond when I'm around guys like this. Maybe one day I'll tell the Tim Duncan story - on the other hand maybe I should just keep that one to myself...

Anyhow - the plane lands and we're at baggage claim - I reach for my cell phone which is in my left pants pocket and tell my wife that I'm going to snap some photos - she tells me I'm nuts - we spent all that money on that NICE camera - I better use that one...but I still haven't decided if I'm going to "bother" him.

Fate intervenes.

His luggage is passing right in front of me as he makes it to the conveyor belt. He's clearly miffed that he's going to have to wait for it to make the round again...I know I would be as well.

So here goes...I make eye contact with him and suggest non-verbally that I'll get the luggage for him. He's clearly thankful.

So as he approaches me he tells me "Thanks. I appreciate that."

BJB: "My pleasure - it's an honor really. I'm pretty sure I'm the only guy in this airport that knows who you are - would you mind if I got a picture with you?"

Legend: "Not at all. Would be happy to."

BJB: "You don't mind if I wear this hat do you?"

Legend: "Not at all, after all, I coached at Texas Tech you know. Even got my first coaching job coaching at Lubbock High. My wife is a Tech graduate and was head cheerleader at there."

BJB with jaw on floor: "Did you know ____ _____? He's my uncle and was head coach at Lubbock in High in the 19__s."

Legend: "Of course - you uncle is a good man - and a good coach."

And so on and so forth as we discuss why he's made this trip - and what we're up to. What a pleasure it was to meet Grant Teaff.

Grant Teaff. I got to meet Grant Teaff. As soon as I got home I pulled up his bio at the College Football Hall of Fame site:

Grant Teaff played football in the 1950's at Snyder, Texas High School, San Angelo junior College, and McMurry College. He was a center and was team captain at all three levels-high school, junior college, and senior college. In later life he was a famous speaker, and he often said "I fell in love with football. At age 14 I said my life goal was to be a football coach." A football coach indeed. Grant Teaff had this record: 1956 assistant coach Lubbock Texas High School, 1957-59 assistant McMurry College, 1960-65 head coach McMurry, 1966-1968 assistant Texas Tech, 1969-71 head coach Angelo State, 1972-92 head coach Baylor. He was 23-35-2 in 6 years at McMurry, 19-11 in 3 years at Angelo State, 128-105-6 in 21 years at Baylor. His total for 30 years: 170-151-8. The Baylor job earned him national recognition. When he arrived, the Bears were considering dropping out of division I football. In 5 years they had won only 7 games while losing 43. Teaff persuaded them to keep trying. His team won two southwest Conference titles and were in 8 bowl games. He was named the conference Coach of the Year 6 times and in 1974 was national Coach of the year. He was chosen 12 times to coach in post-season all-star games - the East-West Shrine Game, Blue Gray Game, Hula Bowl, and Japan Bowl. Teaff served one year as Baylor director of athletics. In 1993 he joined the American Football Coaches Association as executive director. In this job he continued his impact on the game of football and the way it is coached and administered.

On another note - I learned this week that a former Texas Tech coach will be walking the sidelines as the enemy on January 1 in Jacksonville - Al Groh.

From Al Groh's bio at

From 1973-77, Groh served as an assistant at North Carolina where he coached Lawrence Taylor, whom he later coached with the Giants. He joined Parcells at Air Force in 1978 as defensive coordinator before moving to Texas Tech in 1980 and becoming head coach at Wake Forest in 1981.

Interesting that there is also a Bill Parcells connection as well since Bill Parcells was also at Tech.

I'm thinking DT! may need to work on a Texas Tech coaching tree - that would be quite an undertaking - but it sure would be fascinating.

Crabtree is a happy guy

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Away for a few weeks...

...I come back and you guys have Coach packed and shipped off to UCLA and/or Arkansas...

I doubt it...

More to come later - I have a good story to share.

Glad to be home again...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Surf's Up for Coach Leach?