Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Heisman talk in Detroit, Dallas

Detroit Free Press

October 17, 2007
Kyle O'Neill

2. Heisman thoughts: As of right now, if I had to rank the best in college football, it goes 1. QB Andre Woodson, Kentucky: Beating Florida could keep him in this top spot the rest of the way in; he just needs to avoid another South Carolina performance.
2. Mike Hart: The non-sexy pick seems like the most logical at this point, but No. 2 is a safe spot for him until U-M really gets back into the spotlight.
3. QB Graham Harrell, Texas Tech: The Oklahoma State loss is a tough one to get over, but 31 TDs to 3 interceptions? If Texas Tech wins out, he's any easy pick regardless of the "system" the Red Raiders use.
4. WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech: It wasn't as though the Red Raiders began using the spread offense this season. Crabtree's appearance into the lineup has been the added spark to put this team into the elite of '07.
5. QB Tim Tebow, Florida: The stock is dropping.
Other notables: QB Matt Ryan, Boston College (Needs a tougher schedule and bigger wins with his stats.); RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas (He'll still make more money in the NFL than anyone else on this list.); QB Matt Grothe, South Florida (Needs to stay unbeaten and get a little more name recognition.)

Dallas Morning News
October 17, 2007
Brandon George

Tech athletic officials have started pushing Harrell and Crabtree for Heisman Trophy consideration. It's about time. The numbers they have posted deserve attention.

National media affiliates from ESPN to USA Today spoke with the two this week. A writer from Sports Illustrated spent time in Lubbock and will cover the Tech-Missouri game Saturday in Columbia, Mo.

Later this week, Tech plans to unveil a Web page on its athletics site dedicated to Harrell, a junior from Ennis, and Crabtree, a redshirt freshman from Carter. The page will feature their highlights and statistics this season.

The whole article is really swell - you should read the whole thing.

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