Sunday, October 7, 2007

"The most underrated team in the country"

I don't write the articles, I just find them, read them and then pass out. Uhhhh...I mean pass them out...

I don't know who Don Borst is but here's his take on the Big 12 South:

Aggies lead Big 12 South

Despite its horrific loss to Miami a couple of weeks ago and the controversy surrounding Dennis Franchione's secret special friends group ($1,200 apiece to pay for his personal website, against NCAA rules), Texas A&M is leading the Big 12 South with a 2-0 record.

Yet despite the 4-1 overall mark, highlighted with Saturday's impressive victory over Oklahoma State, the Aggies can probably expect to be underdogs in five of their last six games (Texas Tech, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas).

Lone Star State rankings

A weak early season schedule had a lot to do with it, but Texas Tech is the single most underrated team in the country. The Red Raiders are virtually unstoppable offensively, and they're going to get the next month to prove it in some pretty high-profile games.

They are 5-1 after losing to Oklahoma State a couple of weeks ago — yes, that was the game overshadowed by Mike Gundy's post-game snap on a reporter. Now, because they lost to a crazy coach and were upset owing to a couple of their own defensive foibles late in the game, last week they didn't receive even a single vote in the AP or coaches polls.

That'll change dramatically when they play the Aggies on Saturday and subsequently outscore Big 12 North powers Missouri and Colorado.

1. Texas Tech (5-1): The most underrated team in the country. 2. Texas A&M (5-1): Now the Aggies will have to prove themselves. 3. Texas (4-2): Get to heal up with three easy wins before November. 4. TCU (3-3): Strange non-league game with Stanford comes at a great time. 5. Houston (2-3): Gave Oregon a tussle and almost beat Alabama. 6. UTEP (4-2): This year's king of the shootouts. 7. Baylor (3-3): Easy games are over, it could get tough for Bears. 8. Rice (1-4): Owls somehow beat Southern Miss. 9. SMU (1-4): Wildly inconsistent, but competitive. 10. North Texas (0-5): Is there anybody worse than the Nice Green?

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agjones76 said...

This kind of comment always scares me. On one hand, i'm always pissed because the media just seems to ignore us, but on the other, I get nervous when they say nice things about us. Oh, it's troubling. Perhaps it's something to get used to.