Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the blog as my bully pulpit

All the fellas that know me know that I love the fights. When I was at Tech this fellow named Mike Tyson was rolling everybody in his path. Boxing related keg parties were the norm and Tyson packed the house.

That was a long time ago and boxing has suffered to find its penultimate fighter that could attract even half the crowd. The Pretty Boy/Golden Boy fight earlier in the year was billed as the "Fight to Save Boxing." Uhhhh. I hope not. Because it hasn't.

And neither will Calzaghe v Kessler. BUT....

Be sure to get your fanny in front of a screen on the night of November 3. That's November 3 people - don't forget that date. Are we perfectly clear on this?

All the fellas that know me also know that I am a huge fan of Joe Calzaghe. I'm a fan of Calzaghe for the exact same reasons I'm a fan of Arsenal. Because when I was brought up in sports, part of the lessons were how to perform at your highest level and in addition, how to do that beautifully.

Note: Pardon me if you missed it, but Arsenal put on a demonstration of the beautiful game again Tuesday. And if you would like to see the pictures, please head over to and watch the video...

Calzaghe is the same. Handspeed that will make you cry and footwork that would make Floyd Mayweather, Jr. jealous.

Kessler is typical Easter European power - and I mean that in a good way. Kessler just flat brings it. And besides that - the ink on this boy would scare me all on its own.

November 3 - HBO - Super Middleweight Unification Title Match!

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