Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's Gametime in Lubbock + Heisman hubub

I'm going to defer coverage to The Wizard of Odds who has always been a friend to DiscoTech!

It appears he has a regular that is touring college games and was in Lubbock last weekend for the "glorified scrimmage." I have to agree with that assessment by the way - I was watching my Red Raider Club DVD last night and the overriding thought I had was: "This game didn't tell us a thing about our team."

Let's get Iowa State taken care of tonight and get on to finding out about the 2007 Red Raiders in the post Setencich era.

Also of note: I was watching Mark May talking about Heisman hopefuls and "in no particular order" he named Graham Harrell as a contender. This really shocks me since Mark May has historically not been friendly toward spread offenses in general. This is also the second time in a week an ESPN personality has dropped Graham's name on air - earlier in the week it was Jesse Palmer making a case for a Harrell Heisman. Jesse's take is the same as mine:

At what point do you consider a candidate after they begin to make a mockery of the record books? Regardless of offense or conference - at some point Crabtree and Harrell have to be in the conversation for one reason only: they are in the process of turning the record books into ticker tape.

Another pro-Raider argument: Let's imagine for a moment that a running back were to have scored as many touchdowns as either Harrell or Crabtree...the noise for that player to mentioned as a Heisman contender would be deafening.

Lastly - HT to ttscott22 of the message board for finding this link for us:

Oddly enough, Harrell isn't even on these lists, but Crabtree is. Okay, read the text in the review of Colt Brennan:

Speaking of bad games. Not many quarterbacks can throw for 369 yards and three touchdowns and slip in the Heisman race, but when you throw five interceptions against Idaho, it's bound to happen. Brennan continues to put up yards and TDs, but in the Heisman race he can't throw picks.

So in this one game against Idaho - Brennan threw more picks than Harrell has ALL SEASON.

*shakes head*

One last thought (I know I said "Lastly" just a few minutes ago - sue me).

I'll come back next week and update you guys on the stats after tonight's games, but here's the story going into kickoff...

Harrell has thrown 2 picks in 267 attempts, while Brennan has thrown 6 picks in 182 attempts...

While Colt's figures in this category are good - they just don't compare to Harrell's. Colt's passer rating isn't even as good as Harrell's.

I know that Colt isn't the only horse in this race, but I compare them because they both play in wide-open attacking offenses and to compare Tim Tebow to Harrell in these matters just seems to be a bit apples and oranges to me.

We'll be sure to be your source for all Heisman talk as it relates to our guys - if you see something in the media that you want to tip us off to, please e-mail it to us at

Wreck 'em.

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