Sunday, October 7, 2007

Who do we play this week?

Thanks to BearMeat for the pic - we'll handle it from here, thanks.

So for all of you that want to scout about and see what those crazy Aggies are saying this week - here's your one-stop-shop for all things farmer:

TexAgs Forums
12th Manchild
Aggie Sports Blog
Aggie Fans
Off Tackle
Official Aggie Athletics Site
Bill Byrnes' Weekly Notes (Wednesday Only)

You should know that before you ever step foot inside Texags that there are no cleaning products made by man that will ever get that dirty feeling off of you.

Also - if you've been living under a rock, the game will air on ABC at 2:30p CDT. If you happen to be outside the primary coverage area (the coverage map will be available sometime later this week - keep an eye out HERE for the link to the coverage map) - EDIT - then you're screwed because now it looks like the "reverse" mirror didn't pan out because it will not be an HD broadcast.

Don't take that as gospel, after all I got the information from a message board.

Sadly, the game will likely not be in HD.

So, let me start the week off right by getting to the heart of the matter. Aggies, we have these:

And you don't.


Brad said...

haha. I think you're misinformed. We actually have the newer versions, now with 80% less STI and UTI.

Senior Editor Red Andrews said...

We of the BearMeat Editorial Board hereby challenge DiscoTech! to produce an Aggie preview that will electrify these here internets. If you can do this, we will gratefully give up our title as the #1 Aggie Hating Blog on the Series of Tubes Known as the Interweb.

Anonymous said...