Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sucked back in

I was going to walk away from Saturday's game and not look back...but The 12th Manchild would just not let me do a good way.

So, I now have to add The 12th Manchild to my blogroll and give them their props because this was too funny not to share.

Just wonder if the Texas A&M Engineers will call this one "Fat Boy 11" or "Little Fran."

And to put this week to rest I want to share this video with you - just please ignore the fact that Opie gives the lead-in...

Bubba (click on the red video link above the picture of the smoker and bus) the T-Shirt Fan that makes us all regret attaching such a negative connotation to that term. Thanks Bubba, for being a good man and not throwing batteries at Aggies ;)

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Peabody said...

I have to agree, that post from the 12th Manchild was too funny. I wish I'd thought of it. Congratulations to you guys for a convincing win, and best of luck the rest of the year. I'll be watching Crabtree, at least.