Wednesday, October 24, 2007

B Orange should have his own blog

If you don't own this bit of wonderful from Richard Ashcroft - shame on you.

I direct you to the "Comments" section in the "Another day in paradise" post made just a few days ago...

Here's the comment:

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Bond. Methink thou dost resort to the ad hominem too much whilst I was having a bit of fun at the Sand Ags' expense. This is what happens when logic runs out.

I think you shouldn't take yourself so seriously, especially with that defense of yours. I certainly don't expect you not to cheer for Tech. I mean, you dance with who brung ya.

But it's obvious by your reponse, and the other one above, that I am onto something here. You need to shed your satisfaction with 10 wins and/or ruining a Big 12 power's season. If you weren't satisfied with such results, you would have fired the Head Pirate by now.

Re: Leach ... He's a good offensive mind, no question. But he's not a great head coach. That's why, for example, he didn't get the Miami job. Why any one would want to leave Lubbock for Miami, I mean, really ... but I digress.

Seriously, where is the NFL talent that this guru is churning out? He would have been fired at Texas with his record and the white flag routinely raised by his defenses. These are facts. He blames his coordinators, like his QB blames every one when things go wrong. I don't think he's a great college head coach or leader. The record speaks for itself.

Yes, Texas, OU and others might be down somewhat this year. But our goals and infrastructure remain in place. So do Tech's.

B. Orange

October 24, 2007 6:50 PM

Okay...I was going to respond on that post - but everyone needs to read this...

B. Orange:

A LOT of what you say is dead on - there is absolute truth in many of you statements. Much of it has been screamed from the rooftops - and still is. But lets not let the facts get in the way.

No one I know is satisfied with 8, 9 or even 10 wins. Mike Leach even addressed this very question on his radio show just 3 weeks ago - was it you that called? Because Leach absolutely was furious about any implication that it's "okay" to lose games.

I just can't figure out why you think we are satisfied. Just can't figure that one out.

Not. Satisfied. Clear?

IMO, the verdict is still out on Leach as a good head coach. Leach earned his way from the very backwaters of coaching to now be coaching a Big 12 program - and is in only his 8th (?) year.

Mack Brown? I imagine he never had to coach in Finland.

So we - and the University - are giving him time.


For one - he graduates his players. Something - I might add - that UT does an absolutely horrible job of. I can tell you that after coming off the sting of severe NCAA sanctions, the administration of the school was not about to continue to pursue wins at the expense of reputation. Coach Leach may be able to continue to coach at Tech for many more years based on this alone.

Interesting who is at the bottom of that list.

I just believe that Texas Tech University under its current administration is not interested in winning at the expense of not graduating players (see also: Bob Knight).

You should read Ryan Hyatt's words on the matter of where we are as a program today.

Hyatt also brings up the amount of money invested in the program - to me - that's his only flawed argument - because all the Big 12 programs have been doing the same - so all of the boats have risen in the marina.

Last few thoughts:

NFL Talent? Never really contributed a lot in that regard - but we've had players drafted every single year in the last 4 or 5 years - under the prior system it was much more infrequent. I also see about 6 players on the current team drafted in the next 2 years. So - improving to be sure. We're building a program here - it's not going to happen overnight.

Last point - did Leach blame his DC? Yes. Did the DC deserve it? Yes. Had the fans and administration been screaming for this? Yes. But the personal relationship those men (Leach and Lyle) have made that decision personal - another sign of growth for Leach that he's beginning to make his job his business.

Tech must do a better job recruiting - and they're improving - but when OU and UT take the cream of the crop right off the top - Tech will have to win with a superior system - and not with superior talent.

Tech has done more with less - so much less it would blow your mind if you cared to study it - for so many years now. It will be interesting to see over time if they can do more with more.

Next year will be Leach's real test - very few excuses for him - if his team lets him down again next year - then the grumbling will start in earnest. For now - we remain patient.

B Orange - get your own freaking blog.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Bond. Fair response. Why get my own blog when you do such a great job? This is an entertaining place, for sure. And I respect and appreciate a guy who is passionate about his team.

I know you do more with less. The point is, you need not. I have seen the graduation rates. Not happy about them, even though they don't tell the whole story. That's a criticism of UT's program, and a somewhat valid one at this point.

Re: your defense, the head coach is responsible, though. Leach has had 8 years. That's more than enough, in my view.

Re: Bob Knight, I am a big Bob Knight guy. I am thrilled he is coaching in the Big 12 and think he's done a great job with Tech (even if he can't beat Texas). Talk about doing more with less. Guy is amazing.

Here is the deal re: Leach, though. If there really is a groundswell at Tech that demands good defense and more than simply a 10-win season or ruining ours, then how come he gets such a long leash?

I know some of you want more, but point is, enough of you don't want it as bad as the B. Orange Nation.

Anonymous said...

I am not one to dwell on records, but I believe that the illustrious BIG MACK brown has only won one more BIG XXII championship than our Head Pirate.

Anonymous said...

You're right re: Mack and conf championships. But, he's won the Whole Enchilada Championship once, too.

Here's the truth: That's one more B12 Champ and one more Whole Enchy than the H. Pirate will ever win at Tech.

And consider this ... Because he has bagged the Big Enchilada doesn't mean he has a free ride, either. He better nab another and/or a conf championship or two or three ... or the B Orange Nation will come a-calling.

Once he has won maybe two, or perhaps three, Enchiladas, the B Orange Nation will recognize him as Coach for Life. Not until then. That's what's different about Texas.

Mack has won 10 games/season since forever. In this age of parity, he is established as a great coach. But at Texas the standard is excellence and championships.

Be honest with yourselves and ask if that's the standard at Tech.