Wednesday, October 10, 2007

will the AP please verify their sources, please

I've been reading the continuing media coverage of the "T-Shirt" story. One thing has jumped out at me - and it appears I'm not the only one.

You see - I've never seen batteries thrown at any Tech sporting event. Not before, not during and not after.

And I think that Tech deserves better than to have Urban Legends grow under our watch while we stand idly by. I realize our little part of interwebland may have little effect.

I do ask that proof of these stories be provided - either in print as reported by the media just after it happened, or by the school administration who would not have stood by and tolerated this behavior.

I now direct you to as Robert Giovanneti of has similar words for those out there that allow these stories to persist.

We wish that this little Energizer Bunny of assumption would be substantiated.

Now back to our original programming...

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ElCapitan said...

Dead on the money. A&M's administration is scum.