Monday, September 24, 2007

We appreciate your comments

The last few weeks have been the busiest in DiscoTech!'s short life - and I wanted to be sure we thanked our new visitors for dropping by and checking in on us.

We always encourage you to participate and make use of the "Add Comment" feature under each post. Lately, as we've been getting more traffic our comments have increased dramatically. I also imagine that it doesn't hurt when you have Ignatious J. Reilly turning out such cool farks and when your favorite football team explodes and then parts ways with their DC mid-season.

When reviewing the recent comments today - for the first time I felt like one was so particularly special that it required its own post. And by the way - this is in the post directly below - but to save you valuable time I'll paste it here for us to enjoy...

From "anonymous" (how clever and revealing):

Nice site. Appreciate the commentary and humor, including the nice pics of Mack recruiting.

But Tech talking about defense also is very funny. Changing coordinators won't help you. You have soft players who couldn't play for Texas and OU on defense. No coordinator is going to change this. Leach about said as much in his post-game comments.

Leach is an offensive genius. No question. But his offensive notoriety means that defensive standouts need not apply. Why would they go to Tech? Kinda like a blue chip running back. Why would he go?

Leach needs a Defensive Leach to compete. But again ... why would such a coach go there, when he can coach at a school where defenses do more than rip the flags off?

Tech's only hope is to find a "diamond-in-the-rough" up-and-comer as DC. It's a tall order.

Thus, until further notice, enjoy your 8-4 seasons, perennially ruining the Aggies' year and occasional ruining ours (but only when you play us at home at night and when the stars are perfectly aligned).

September 24, 2007 1:42 PM

I don't think is was a reach to color his post orange.

Where shall I begin?

Are you new?

What defensive coordinator would not LOVE to coach a defense at Tech when he knows that the offense will keep him in nearly every game?

Our players may be playing soft due to lack of leadership and toughness...also known as a crappy defensive coordinator.

I do agree that blue chip running backs may not look at Tech seriously, but I guarantee you that blue-chip WRs and QBs know where Texas Tech is.

Or are you posting as "anonymous" because you're really Lyle Setencich?



Anonymous said...

Okay, me again. Yeah, you can post me as orange, but let's just say ... how about we call me "B. Orange."

... because that second-rate team with the pychotic coach that beat Tech on Sat. wears orange. The Horns wear B. Orange. Okay, listen, I have to level with you. Deceiving yourself doesn't help.

Who wouldn't want to come to Tech as a DC? Let's not speculate when we have evidence. The real question is: Who has come to Tech? Defensive talent largely hasn't come. And no one approaching a "Defensive Leach" has come. You put forth the question about who wouldn't want to come, but you ignore the evidence that contradicts your hope.

Re: blue chip receivers and QB's ... again, when are you going to start getting these? You get a Crab Hands (new name after the clutch 'catch' at OkState) every now and again, but the blue chip receivers are wearing B. Orange ... as are the QBs.

I know, I know ... your midget Longhorn killer is playing for the Pats now. And your "blue chip" QBs have had a lot a great pro careers, but ...

the Cologne Centurions doesn't count.

But ... you're still good enough to beat the Ags every year and have the brass to stick them in the eye with the goal posts after the game, so, it ain't all bad.

Jacque Strap said...

Hey B. Orange. Did you happen to see the t-shirt fan post. Here you go.

Something tells me that you have never stepped foot inside of a classroom at UT in Austin.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jacque,

Actually, yes, I have spent more hours than I care to remember in the hallowed halls of the 40 Acres, listening Communist Party operatives posing as professors. But I digress ...

I like the picture of the Texas fan. Actually, we were thinking about getting our running backs a couple of those to drive through the holes in the Tech d-line. It's slower than running through, but it's less wear and tear and you have the time and an opportunity to enjoy the ride and view, so why not?

B. Orange