Monday, September 3, 2007

For you Jerry Moore fans

Now that Jerry Moore is a bit of a cult hero - I posted last month the one video that is on YouTube that features a Tech team coached by Jerry...

Oddly enough, that game versus the Aggies is the 1982 game - and Jerry Moore's time at Texas Tech would be up just a few years later...and the Texas A&M game probably figured into the end of "Moore Excitement" at Texas Tech.

The fall of 1985 was the end of "Moore Excitement.'' Tech lost a game to Texas A&M when Jerry Moore couldn't make up his mind whether to go for a tie or go for two - and so wound up going for two, futilely, from the 8-yard line. Over the next few weeks, James Hamrick from Rice and Brandy Brownlee from SMU kicked long field goals right at the end of close games, grinding Tech's season - and Moore's fate - into dust.

article by Don Williams

You want to know something else especially creepy about that Don Williams article?

It was written on September 1, 2006.

One year to the day before this:


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