Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Frat boy head wear...

Seriously? How did it come to this???

I mean, back in my day (you know...way back in late 90's/early aughts) Frat boys did the sensible thing and just tucked the front of their shirt in to go with their Croakies (God, I hate those things)...but WTF are with these hats??? I've seen my fair share of ugly ass/completely beat down cowboy hats...but GOOD GOD. Take fella there that's staring into your looks like he stole his grandma's gardening hat and then starched it to match his shirt (notice the little ring of tablecloth material around the top BTW, nice touch Grannie!). Then you've got dude that's making love to his Cuuurs Liiiight...he's obviously a Commie spy...see where he got his styling?

Remember: Friends don't let friends wear gay hats. ...unless everyone's doing it, then it's ok.


Anonymous said... kids are at Tech....and the frat boys are still doing the croakie thing! (seriously when will that die?!?) The frat tuck is a little more obsolute but I'm not sure about the city boy's "work boot" fad of 2 years ago!

Bob Knight's Eyebrows said...

oh the work boot fad didn't start 2 years ago! That was a staple before I arrived at Tech in 98. I'm sad to say that I partook in such lunacy.

Ignatius J. Reilly said...

I still wear my Red Wings from '92!!