Wednesday, September 19, 2007

UT Football: Recruiting Champions

Like most big-time college football programs, UT's season doesn't end after the final whistle blows on bowl season. From that moment on, Mack Brown's busy pressing palms with every blue-chipper across the state. Mack searches high and low for the best possible recruits, and isn't afraid to venture places other coaches might shy away from.

Having such a broad recruiting base does have its drawbacks, though. While other coaches might spend most of their time trying to convince stubborn parents to allow their kids to attend UT, Mack is busy trying to convince stubborn jurors to allow their kids to go to UT. Bet he wishes HE had a law degree from Pepperdine!

Mack does have some good selling points other universities don't. For instance, you'll never fly commercial to a game. Nothing but a private charter will do for the richest state's flagship university!


DR. FUBAR said...

Burnt orange, orange jump suits! Get started at Texas.

Anonymous said...

But in the last pic, Mack is loading up guys in Red Raider colors.

Is this a cultural exchange program in coordination with Lubbock?

Surely Byron Hanspard is putting his degree to work somewhere in the background, right?

Ignatius J. Reilly said...

Do you REALLY want to compare football player graduation rates??

jules said...

This is hilarious! Jealousy does have a sense of humor! Hook'em Horns!!!