Sunday, September 9, 2007

How to Tackle

It's a very fundamental thing in football. It's something you learn in 7th Grade, and last night, it looked like our Defense was in the 6th Grade. Guys had horrible pad level, were being bounced off of, and simply were not wrapping up. This is something that'll need to improve in a hurry if we expect to compete for the Big XII South title.

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A good tackle downs the ball carrier without any injuries. Good technique can take down any opponent, even one who's bigger, stronger and faster than you.


Difficulty: Easy


Step One

Identify your opponent. This will be the individual running furiously toward the end zone with a ball under his arm.

Step Two

Run toward the ball carrier at full speed, keeping your head up at all times. Aim your face mask at the center of his chest or inside shoulder.

Step Three

Run through the ball carrier, wrapping your arms around his waist.

Step Four

Pull the ball carrier into you and drive him to the ground.

Step Five

If you get up first after a successful tackle, offer a hand to help your opponent up and give an encouraging pat or slap as you run back to your team. This shows good sportsmanship and preserves the spirit of the game after an extremely aggressive act.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep your head up and lead with your face mask when tackling - you don't want to lose sight of your opponent.
  • Follow your coach's specific instructions on tackling technique and game regulations.
  • Football is, obviously, a contact sport. Wear a helmet and all proper pads and gear.

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