Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Red Raiders vs. The Prospectors

Seriously, this guy does not look so tough.

I've got to get on to another project right now, but I wanted to warm you up a little.

Stinky Pete is going back in the box on Saturday.

Stinky Pete: A Pick Axe
Raider Red: Two Six Shooters

Advantage Raider Red - talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight...

Stinky's Sidekicks: A horse and an under aged brat
Raider Red: The Masked Rider and Hawt,Legal (I mean that they're over 18 but I'm also sure most of ours have their green cards), White Wemmins

Advantage Raider Red

Stinky's Enemy: A Woody
Raider Red's Enemy: I don't know but we like our Woody

Advantage Raider Red

Stinky's also not friends with: Buzz
Raider Red's also not friends with: What is this? No Woody, No Buzz? Not in Raiderland my friend, you won't get far with that kind of problem.

Advantage Raider Red - no doubt.

Stinky's little secret: Flatulence (Burritos maybe?)
Raider Red's little secret: Flatulence (Hey, it's still Texas ain't it?)


Stinky's hat: Nasty Brown
Raider Red's hat: The good guy wears the white hat

Advantage Raider Red - you are a good guy, correct?

Stinky's Stache: Barely covers his mouth
Raider Red's Stache: When you're near him you better watch out - it'll getcha


Stinky's Off-Season Job:

Raider Red in the Off Season:

Another Red Raider ass-kickin'

Wreck 'em.

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