Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not very Heisman or Biletnikoff-like

Oklahoma State Receiving

D. Bryant36722.3027
A. Bowman7578.1027
B. Pettigrew22613.0122
T. Devereaux22110.5016
K. Hunter3134.307
S. Newton177.007

(in loss at Troy 9/14/07)

Maybe pumping up the sunshine on Adarius Bowman put too much pressure on the guy?

Of course, in the case of Michael Crabtree, the pre-season hype may have only served to announce his arrival.

Texas Tech Receiving

M. Crabtree1124422.2375
L. Reed34314.3034
D. Amendola4399.8016
G. Walker13838.0138
L. Leong33511.7013
E. Britton23015.0029
A. Reese11717.0017
E. Morris3124.0110
B. Brinker199.009
S. Woods372.3111
A. Crawford273.504

(in win @ Rice 9/15/07)

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