Friday, September 7, 2007

House Divided

No, it's not what you think. Get the image of the cheeseball half-Aggie, half-Longhorn flag out of your mind. We are a two Red Raider household. Our issue is the sport of choice. I grew up on football. The Dear One (DO) grew up on soccer. I could recite NFL teams and quarterbacks at age 4. I recall drawing graveyard scenes with Redskins' names on the tombstones. DO grew up in a state other than Texas, so soccer was the norm.

Last weekend was great. Saturday dawned bright. We slept in a bit. First thing in the morning, we turned on FSC. That time difference thing is kinda cool...sports live at 7:30am! We watched the first game, the second game, and I even think the third match. That afternoon, I took the remote, and when I started to watch the CU-CSU game, DO freaked out, hollering things like "How can you care so much about a team that's not yours?"

See, it's like this: I've been to Fort Collins. DO has never freaking been to Newcastle. So why should soccer get top billing?

I also had to end the bashing of college football to our daughter. So what if she can actually play soccer? I'm preparing her for hours of conversations with potential suitors and interviewers down the road.

I wonder what to expect for the rest of the season. Tomorrow is easy; Tech's game against UTEP isn't televised. Guess I better figure out where Darby is.

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