Saturday, September 1, 2007

Appalachian State is Hot Hot Hot

Coach Jerry Moore really is creating "Moore Excitement" today - even though his attempt at Moore Excitement was an abject failure while he was at Tech.

Jerry Moore on Wiki

We Tech fans just love it that he has turned around his coaching career at App State and are always pulling for him. That's the last two straight Div I-AA titles at App State in case you were wondering.

And if he makes the folks at The M Zone attempt to throw Lloyd Carr under a train, hey, that's their business.

If the team from the school that created that horrible video beats mighty Michigan at The Big House - well that's just embarrassing.

App State up 31-20 with a little over 8 mins remaining in the third - go Mountaineers - I hope you guys don't go Cold Cold Cold.

EDIT - Appalachian State has pulled off a monumental upset - holding on and winning the game - in fact - coming from BEHIND TO WIN.

The debate is raging on about whether this is the biggest upset of all time - and Mark May who is an industrial sized douchebag has called for Michigan to fall completely out of the top 25....

Whatever - congrats Jerry Moore...

AP - No Div I-AA team (and we all learned today that they are no longer called Div I-AA - they are now dubbed Champion Sub-Division) has EVER beaten an AP ranked team (much less a top 5 ranked team).


Just wow.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!

Bevo said...

App. State has won the last two NCAA Division I-AA championships, not the last two NCAA Divsion II championships. Division I-AA is now known as the FCS.

Bond J. Bond said...

I edited the AA to I-AA - but mentioned at the end that the division has been renames Champion Subdivision.