Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ban the Unwashed Masses

So, the students can't get the words to the Fight Song right. How unfortunate for them. Seriously--where is the line between sportsmanship and hooliganism?

I have a recommendation. Gerald Myers, are you listening? Are you disappointed in the response to the Raider Power campaign? Take a lesson from FIFA, the governing body of soccer.

Concerned about hooliganism, FIFA has taken some drastic measures to get their members to curb fan misbehavior. They had two opponents play a game without an audience.

So, what would this look like at Tech? Give the students one more chance to behave. If you don't see improvement, disallow student tickets at the next game. So, if the students drop f-bombs at the Directional LA game, don't honor student tickets at the Iowa State game. Let the alumni see the importance of the student body when those hooligans are absent. Let the students see how much the players need them to bring their best efforts.

I suspect taking away their spectator privileges would help students take their conduct a tad more seriously.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

stupidest fucking idea I've ever heard in my fucking life.

Anonymous said...

you sir, are a fucking moron

Jason Cox said...

I'm with the poster, here. I don't understand the lyrical thing. When I was at Tech from '93-98 we had to learn the fight song in orientation. What happened to that and why in the world would you want to cuss in our fight song?

I will punch someone in the mouth if I hear that crap during the fight song at the Jones next time I'm there for ISU. And I guarantee the other 15 young alums in our season ticket section will do the same. Grow up, kids!