Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Demons we fight

Evoking memories of Richard Nixon's love child with Janeane Garofalo - this is truly the definition of a demon. The best part, however is the Mickey Mouse gloves and the Chuck Taylor's - that's a combination you just don't see in mascots.

No pitchfork?

Ehh...I'm picking...it's clearly scary as hell.

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Be sure and download or go out an buy the new Rouge Wave LP - "Asleep at Heaven's Gate."

Why is it every time I hear the words "Heaven's Gate" I always have this image in my head?

See - now you have two images in your head that will keep you from sleeping.

And for additional trivia points (although there's no way I will be able to keep you from Googling the answer) - can you name both the brand and style of shoes that the Heaven's Gaters wore on their fateful trip to the comet?


Senior Editor Red Andrews said...

We too played NW St last year. Here is our coverage, if interested. It may yield a nugget or two.

Bond J. Bond said...

I just realized today that the demon mascot pictured is actually hovering in the air! We'll need all our Bibles on Saturday to keep the Demon from floating into the stands and sending us to Hades....Amen.

Bob Knight's Eyebrows said...

the "Heaven's Gate"ers were wearing purple Nikes, right? Like low-top running shoes...I think...

Bond J. Bond said...

Black Nike Cortez - ask any Al Bundy of the early 1990s era...