Monday, September 3, 2007

5 Fingers and 5 toes

Our nervous delivery of the 2007 season went as well as can be expected and all of our digits are accounted for. I think Harrell's ankle will be fine, but I think all of Raider Nation breathed a big sigh of relief to see Taylor Potts throw so well and lead a couple of drives. We are indeed in fine hands.

High fives all around and all that but we beat a sub-par SMU team and will have UTEP on a short week. I'm expecting the Jones to be rocking since we never expected to get pushed into OT like we did last year. I'm quite sure the team will be geared up to show the home crowd that they don't have any plans for a repeat of that affair.

Big praise to our new O-Line coach and to the boys up front who played remarkably well in my humble opinion.

Good grief though, the penalties sure seem to be here again. Grrrr.

Lots of time to discuss UTEP this week - we'll unleash a few bombshell posts on the Miners this week to be sure - so stick around and enjoy the first win of the season.

No TV on Saturday BTW - but the game will be available on XM Radio via their new Big 12 contract to air certain games throughout the season. Which means the party will be in my driveway on Saturday night - I'm sure the neighbors are gonna be pleased.

EDIT: Oh yeah - and the overs on Crabtree TD's as I mentioned before - that was a decent bet I would say...

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