Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Manhattan Musical - Purple Acid Rain

I am without words.

But I'll try anyway.

Laser Light Show + Guns n Roses + Large Football Player Kitty Head + Air Guitar = Mental Illness

The You Tube title is appropriate because it does seem to he an homage of sorts to 1989.

I couldn't help but think while I was watching this that somehow this was Coach Prince's idea. He doesn't appear to have any remorse at all and is clearly deadly serious throughout the production.

The football players however give off a "My buddies are going to see this and I am truly fa-cocked" performance. And they are correct.

Because that Purple Towel may have power, but just not enough power to erase this video from your memory.

HT to Bob Knight's Eyebrows to the find...why didn't he link it since he's a contributor? He's probably still in bed with his girlfriend. Or making her breakfast.