Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What are the odds?

Sorry I've been gone for so can become more important than this blog every once in awhile...

So we're only a few days away from kickoff in Dallas and I feel like I need to be sure that you are aware of the obvious...

The game will be on Labor Day - which is Monday, September the 3rd. The game will be aired on ESPN and ESPN HD (I don't have my hopes up for 1080i BTW) at 3:00 PM Central.

ESPN will once again have a crack squad calling the game - Dave LaMont on PBP and James Hasty on color. Hasty was a NFL CB for a number of years - I can't recall a single game that he's called so I'll be interested to see how he pronounces "Alex Trlica." Thankfully we don't have Cory Hodges on the team anymore - I mean that is SUCH a crazy name... *wink*

Dave Lamont - again - I did a Google Image Search for you and if this is you:

Dude, I have no idea who you are...but Wiki says you were the guy who drew the shortest of all straws:

-Dave Lamont and Terry Bowden were used for weekends when ABC had more games than usual.

Whoa. Terry Bowden duty? What did you do? Take pictures of Lauren? Okay, now I get it.


Tech opened as a 9.5 point favorite on the road. And the line hasn't wavered too much, only being bought up to an 8.5 point advantage...

But I don't bet on my alma mater. *wink*

Wanna see all the lines? Link to the Lakes of Hell

Other games of note in my book:

Colorado home hosts to Colorado State... State is a 2.5 point dog in this one. If you have never watched this game, IMO it is the zaniest in-state rivalry game. These game always seem to go down to the wire, or with amazing comebacks. In the first week when so many teams are playing the Montana State's of the world - this will be a real live Duracell-fest. And if you're brave enough, I wouldn't lay the 2.5 and I would sack up and take State.

UConn @ Duke? Listen, if this were a rematch of a certain NCAA BBall Final I would definitely watch. But it's so not that.

Todd Dodge has a rude welcome to NCAA Football on Saturday as he takes his Mean Green to Norman. Dear Baby Jesus, please let the Mean Green survive.

Tennessee goes to Berkeley. OMG. Didn't they make a TV show that was similar?

NoCal and SoCal aren't that much different are they? *wink*

I'll always take Tennessee in any "big game" matchup against Cal. Call it a Holiday Bowl Bias.

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