Friday, August 10, 2007

Nashville aka Texas Tech East

Google Image you gotta watch yourself with that thing - it can lead you down the path to the lakes of fire...


The Tennessean came through. Now I can put the gun away. And thank goodness, my arm was getting tired.

Daniel Loper v Kyle Vanden Bosch

Joel Filani over Michael Griffin

Photo credits to George Walker IV of the Tennessean.

In other news, I watched the Indy @ Dallas game last night and came away impressed with my Pokes' performance. I was really keeping an eye on the aforementioned Keyunta Dawson. Looks like to me he played only about two defensive series and was truly disruptive to the Cowboys on two possessions that were in the Colts end of the field. I can't help but think he's going to do well in Indy.

Obviously, the Lions game was not on TV in Texas, so Lions fans are welcome to comment on Manny's performance.

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