Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bon Mots for TSO

Imagine my surprise to open the Dallas Morning News online to find this exceptionally good and fair article about Tech football and Mike Leach. Thanks, Kevin Sherrington, for being a voice of reason in the mud storm:

A Mike Leach culture primer: Excuse me if you've already seen this on YouTube, but in the spring of '06, Leach popped off that he predicts the weather by walking outside in his boxers every morning. A local meteorologist called him on it. Next thing you know, Leach is delivering the seven-day forecast and espousing his typical brand of bon mots .

For those of you who don't have calendars at home, Sunday is the first day of May . . .

I actually look forward to hail ...

How many times do you get to see it rain mud?

Mud storms, Mike?

"We get about six of them a year," he says. "They're something to see. I've even stopped meetings to watch 'em."

If you didn't already get the picture, you do now. His players already were used to it, which is why they weren't surprised by his halftime comments at the Insight Bowl.

Leach had long ago established his reluctance to withdraw and live to fight another day. The Raiders annually lead the nation in going for it on fourth down, and from just about anywhere on the field.

But circumstances hardly could have been worse against Minnesota. Down 28 points at the half, Leach calmly told his charges that they had the enviable opportunity to "make history."

Hey, Graham Harrell: What did you think of Leach's Knute Rockne speech?

"It wasn't anything inspiring, really," the junior quarterback says, smiling.

Maybe so, but, in the last 20 minutes of regulation and overtime, they mounted the greatest comeback in bowl history.

Only 12 days left, friends!

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