Thursday, August 30, 2007

Might I Suggest Ordering a Pizza, Coach Leach?

From the Red Raider Football Notebook in today's A-J:

Turn the channel

When asked for the second time this week what he'd be doing with his team not playing Saturday, coach Mike Leach said he's not that fired up about watching football games.

"Part of it - and I'm not kidding - you sit there Sunday and Monday and watch 12 of them and all kinds of cutups,'' Leach said. "You're ready for something a little bit different.''

Leach said he might not have a choice, however. His wife, Sharon, is football obsessed, he said.

"So I'll get beat over the head with it,'' Leach said. "In other words, I'll go home. I won't get anything to eat, because I'll have to wait until - I don't know - Toledo and Miami of Ohio have hit halftime or something like that.''

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