Thursday, August 23, 2007

10 Days to go

The 1942 La Ventana provides plenty of yearning for the days of the leather helmet.

(you can click on and save if you like - the original image is much larger)

Unfortunately, no information was provided about the location of this particular game or those pictured although the fellow in the Cowboy hat must be the head man, Coach Dell Morgan. This, his first season after coming to Tech from Rice was culminated by a Sun Bowl appearance.

Tech finished with a 9 - 2 record with (winning all their home games BTW) wins against Abilene Christian, Centenary, New Mexico U., Creighton, St. Louis U., Hardin-Simmon* U., Oklahoma A&M, Loyola (played at Soldier Field) and Wake Forest. Losses came to the Miami Hurricanes (0-6) and Tulsa (0-6).

We were fierce in 1942, baby. Fierce.

*I swear that I typed this just as it appears in the annual.

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