Friday, August 10, 2007

Hasta la Vista Team Discovery

Wow - so much news today that there's no way to cover it all and do it total justice. The waves from today will be far reaching. I'm going to provide you a list of links and you can read the stories for yourself. So go read and then we'll all cases but the last we thank VeloNews for being such a great place for cycling news.

1. Contador maintains his innocence in a prepared statement.
2. Team Discovery disbands - unable (unwilling?) to capture a new sponsor
3. Team Discovery/Tailwind Sports - why did they throw in the towel?
4. Hincapie to ride in Pink for T-Mobile (HT: spare cycles)

Wow - gotta have a sip of the Knob Creek before I press on...

So I think that story number 3 tells the tale. Bruyneel to retire. Lance back to the US mainland to continue to raise money and fight cancer. The impeccable track record of USPS/Discovery. And of course the bitter fight between the Tour and the UCI over doping enforcement.

It's a sad day for me to be sure...I grew up with this team. It's as if the Spurs were to just pack it in and say "You know, we've had a helluva run." Except that the NBA is a wealthy enterprise with amazing TV revenues.

So what do you say?

Let's go buy Contador's contract and start us a cycling team! We can't sign Big George he's already flown the coop...but let's give it a ride...

See you next year Conti...

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Ignatius J. Reilly said... Anybody want to buy a Trek 1500 in Discovery Team colors?