Friday, August 24, 2007

TTU System and Paul Foster are in kahoots

And that's a mighty good thing.

Foster donates $50Mil to Endow the Texas Tech University System's El Paso Medical School.

Anyone care to guess what they might call that school? Suprise! The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine.
Turns out Mr. Foster grew up in Snyder for a while and in Lovington, NM after that. He's a Baylor grad which makes me wonder if the folks at Baylor are peeved. I hope they aren't - he lives in El Paso and is making an effort to better his own community which is commendable beyond words.

Link to El Paso Times article

This gift surpasses Jerry Rawls' amazing gifts of $25Mil for the College of Business Administration and additionally $8Mil to build the Rawls Golf Course (Thank you Lord for that gift).

A couple of comments from the peanut gallery...

C'mon Lubbock A-J, Foster is not an oilman anymore than Rawls is in the glass business...Foster is a refiner of oil. Oil is his commodity input. Can someone (Editor, anyone?) at the A-J get clear on this, please.

A news release this morning indicated that one of the uses of the money would be to recruit and retain physicians in the El Paso area. Don't even get me started on that subject. It makes me even more humble that despite the failings of our medical insurance, medical malpractice and liability issues that one man would stand up and take that issue to heart in his community.

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