Monday, August 20, 2007

7 months later Bond J Bond would be born

...these old game highlights are fun to watch.

And I hope that you're getting that feeling I am - this Saturday smelled like college football - except there wasn't any...still 13 days to kickoff in Dallas.

Pay close attention the first minute - the cheerleaders in their outfits just crack me up...


Jacque Strap said...

Good Stuff. It's good to hear some of the old Jack Dale stuff.

Anonymous said...

Joe Barnes was a helluza QB. It was great to see Larry Isaacs and Andre Tillman rambling. That Tech team had some outstanding athletes. good times

Anonymous said...

"Raider fans were happy about that."

Ah, I remember that game like it was yesterday. Well, not really, but if I'd seen it I would have.

That team looked like it had some hosses, and I think I saw some excellent defense, but I was confused because it looked like Texas Tech, and I didn't recognize the combination.

Good find, Mr. Bond.