Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The great strange land to the north

I keep looking for a reasonably complete version of the Stanley Marsh Dynamite Museum collection. It amazes me that no one has attempted to catalog these signs...or have they?

This is your official notice to direct me to such a book or website that catalogs these crazy ass signs.

I love them by the way. It makes Amarillo totally unique and they aren't obtrusive to me at all. I just realized that half of my readers have absolutely NO idea what the hell I'm talking about.

Although I'm unclear as to when the crazy ole Staley Marsh 3 (think Cadillac Ranch) started making these signs and erecting them on properties all around the Amarillo area...the bottom line is this...a crazy dude started making signs like the ones pictured in this post in the shape of typical traffic signs. "Road does not end" and "Lubbock is a grease spot" happen to be real knee slappers for my weird sense of humor.

My folks grew up in Yellow-ville and have always regaled me with stories about crazy Stan. It's a part of our Panhandle heritage I suppose. This is the one my mom likes to tell:

"He was so rich that he installed windows in his office that were double paned...and the gap between the glass was filled with packing peanuts (or similar material) and when he wanted to darken the room he would press a button and a vacuum would create a suction pulling the material into the space so as to block the sun. When he wanted light, turn off the vacuum and the material would fall back into wall space."

Don't you know that even to this day he loves it when people talk about how wacky he is...and we've been doing it for a long time.

Anyhow - if you happen to know of any more of of these - e-mail them to us...or get out there and photograph and catalog them - go make you some money young man!

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