Friday, August 31, 2007

Passive Aggessor's Texas Tech Predictions

Well I think its Time for me to make my predictions for the Texas Tech Football Season.

I have done my research this summer- aka I drank a lot of beer and this:

Here are My Predictions:

09/03 at SMU WIN

Tech will score Often and Early. The Hero will be the Short Yardage Punter who pinned the SMU Mustangs inside their own 10 on all of Texas Tech's Second Half Drives as Coach Leach didnt want SMU coach Phil Bennett to accuse him of running up the score this year.

09/08 UTEP WIN

UTEP will be without Jordan Palmer Plus this game is In Lubbock No contest..

09/15 at Rice WIN

The only thing good happening on the Field for Rice will be whatever funny thing the MOB does.

09/22 at Oklahoma St WIN

T Boone Pickens will have a heartattack as Raider Red kicks the Creepy Cowboy mascots ass all over the place.

09/29 N'west St WIN

Directional Schools from Louisana do not play Tech well- I wouldnt bring my non-existant kids to this slaughter it might scar them for life.

10/06 Iowa St WIN

The Cyclones will still have ghey uniforms no matter which one you vote on below and it wont help them in this game.

10/13 #25 Texas A&M WIN

We own the Aggies especially in Lubbock. Fran better start packing his bags.

10/20 at Missouri WIN

Missouri's hasn't shown me anything since Truman was in office.

10/27 Colorado WIN

Dan Hawkins might be a good coach but his players are wimps and his team is still going to suck. Plus there is payback from last year

11/03 at Baylor WIN

The Teddy Bears will allow the Raider's 3rd stringers to be Big 12 Players of the Week

11/10 at #4 Texas WIN

Coach Buttertooth wont be saved by Roy Williams, Chance Mock, Vince Young or Keith Toogood- Raiders win big in Austin.

11/17 #8 Oklahoma WIN

Its in Lubbock- the Raiders will be pissed from letting last years game slip through their fingers and take care of Mobilehoma U.

At the End of the Year you will be seeing this for realz

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Kelly said...

i have a pretty good feeling about this season too... lets hope we are right!