Friday, August 24, 2007

9 Days to Kickoff and Big News for DT! blog

(HT to Seth of DoubleTNation for reminding me about this picture)

DiscoTech! has negotiated a contract with one of the best in the business to be a contributor for the duration of the 2007 Football campaign.

While he will toil in anonymity and yet be paid handsomely...he is the creator of one of the icons of Texas Tech Football. He is the man who singlehandedly re-shaped the way we think about our football team and our season...

How's the buildup? Any good? Annoying as hell?

One last thing before we stun you.

When you think of the stock market, what's the first thing that pops into your head?

No, not having to work 5 more years because you were so sure that penny stock was really going to be bought by Microsoft. Not that.

The Dow Jones?

The S& P 500?


As volatile as any of these...

We present the Cambonie Football Confidence Index!

You're going to need to click on the 2006 version above to see it in it's total glory.

Listen, we know that after the Colorado game none of us wanted to live. We have however, committed that we will keep this going all year long...and if we don' won't be the first or last time we've lied to you.

So keep an eye out for it. It will return. We've just signed the contract today so we'll be working on the whip cracking soon.

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