Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Big XII Blogs we're callin' you out!

We would like to draw you attention to our newly added link to your right...BearClaw, I mean BearMeat, sorry :)

We like to think our blog is modeled after theirs, irreverent humor combined with some news about a school we love. We hope you appreciate their blog as much as we do.

They have also sworn off their past sins against out beloved school (suuuuure you have) to wit:

Dear eaters of BearClaws, errrr....... readers of BearMeat..........we promise, we think our city government is wacky as well, to wit:

You guys are dancing now, yes?

We are also working with DoubleTNation right now on a "Roundtable" discussion which seems to be a SBNation sort of thing. We are happy to join in with DoubleTNation on such an endeavor and hope that calling it a "Roundtable" doesn't put to much pressure on us.

1 comment:

Red Andrews said...

Bond, J. Bond,

We extend a hearty BearMeat claw of gratitude for your introduction of our blog to your numerous readership. As an Oso Amigo, you will enjoy some privileges should you ever choose to visit Waco, TX: access to our entire intern roster (for whatever carnal desire you may have), as much Rebel Yell as you can imbibe, and free Sunday School lessons at local bars.

We're only doing this once: "Get Your Guns Up!"

Sic 'em,