Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July brings out the new Masked Rider

For those of you who were missing a taste of Lubbock...looked to be a pretty day in the Hub City. All it did was rain on my parade yesterday...grrrrr.

I remember fondly sitting on Broadway watching all the lowriders pass by...look...there's a Nova!... Wow! There's a Shriner on one of those insanely small bikes (Is that what those guys do in that big Temple?)

Of course, Lubbock has a scenery that transcends the weather...great lookin' women!

A hearty "Guns Up!" to our newly announced Masked Rider for 2007-2008, Mr. Kevin Smith and his mount, Midnight Matador who has been with us since 2002 - 2003.

So if you get to see him before I do make sure and tell him I loved Chasing Amy but thought Jersey Girl might cause generations of Americans to never watch another moving picture.

Of course it's not that Kevin Smith! Our Kevin hails from Clovis, New Mexico and has quite an impressive resume of equine-related credentials. Linky to

Thanks to Spotted for the pics! Please visit them often!

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