Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Another Big XII blogger...I know, they're corny

Soon we will be adding another Big XII blogger to our

I would like to thank Nebraska for providing us the picture above - I think I'm going to need a can click the pic to make "it" larger.

I'm sure there's a cornfield in that picture, but I didn't see one.

Welcome to Raiderland, Huskers. Please come back and get crazy with us - we'll be headed to the Strip for some booze shortly.

BTW - I invited the boys at CornNation, despite the fact that I know DoubleExtraPoint (another Husker blog) has linked to us in the past. Do you want to know why I did that? Because after searching their blog over and over - I couldn't find any way to e-mail them and make them an offer they couldn't now they sit there with a dead link to a Tech blog that doesn't even exist anymore...geez.

We'll try our best to get some pictures up that rival the fine lass pictured above - any Raiders out there care to share a pic? I know there's one of two girls walking past the Jones in miniskirts and boots that always makes my peepee say "Herrro?!"

E-mail us at anytime...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am excited about this picture and excited about the upcoming roundtable.

Go Raiders . . .

Seth C
Double T Nation