Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm going on Vacation

Bond J. Bond will be taking a week off beginning tomorrow...I will be headed to a remote beach where I can relax with Mrs. Moneypenny. I've told my co-conspirators to keep it up while I'm out.

Important dates while I'm out...

Monday - Tour de France Stage 15
Tuesday - Cowboys begin Training Camp
Wednesday - Last day in the Pyrenees
Thursday - I attempt to rehabilitate my liver for the final push...
Friday - The tremors from lack of internet access begins to effect my putting.
Saturday - I arrive home to find that Q has written a dirty word in my yard with Roundup
Sunday - Sleep, Advil, Burger, Tylenol, repeat. (Also the trip into Paris for the TDF)

Keep your Guns Up and...Go Disco!!

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