Friday, July 27, 2007

Mike Leach gets me to post while on vacation

God I love this guy.

Big 12 Media Day yielded two great interviews with Mike Leach. But really, is that a surprise? If I were to have a chance to chat up the head coach - I have no doubt it would be a blast.

The two audio links cover one story in particular - Mike Leach describes the new NCAA anti-gambling video that was distributed to athletic departments this year...

Before you listen, if you are a Lubbock Police Department officer, this may be too much for might make your blue polyester pants tight - and that may be against the law.

1620 AM - The Zone

I think everyone's in agreement that


Is bad news for everybody...

The next has Leach on the phone with Brian Estridge sitting on on Galloway and Company on ESPN 103.3...

Listen very close at the very beginning of the intro when Leach is about to speak - you can hear his daughter say "You're on my cell." I think that's why he mentions disciplining his kids later in the interview...BTW - the first 4 minutes is a less intriguing version of the same story you heard in the above link.

The treat in this track is how he weaves Benjamin freakin' Franklin into the interview.

Now I'm really in big trouble - I've got to go back to the pool...Mrs. Moneypenny is not going to be happy with me.

Hat Tips to Bob Knight's Eyebrows and RedRaiderDFdub of the forums...

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Senior Editor Red Andrews said...

I love your coach. There, I said it. It's like having John Wayne, Confucious, and Atticus Finch all wrapped up in the same guy.

Gotta respect Leach.