Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Big 12 South

I was holding off writing this until Football season got a little closer but I'm so ready that I can't wait any longer. The Big 12 Media Days have really got my mind totally on Football again. So, from the media days this is what I gather from the South teams.

Well, what can I say, they are Baylor. They can pull an 18-Wheeler up a hill but the Little Train That Could just won't cut it in the South. Guy Morriss just does not have the players to get this team out of the cellar this season.

Season Prediction: 4-8
Wins: Rice, Texas State, Buffalo, Colorado

Oklahoma's chance at a Big 12 Title will rest in the hands of the 3 guys that will be battling for the nod behind center and their ability to get the ball in the hands of Malcolm Kelly. Patrick proved that he can carry the ball last season behind that monster of an offensive line. Defensively, this team has a solid secondary and if the front seven can get to the ball then they could be a nasty defense.

Season Prediction: 8-4
Wins: North Texas, Utah State, Tulsa, Colorado, Missouri, Iowa State, Baylor, Tech

Oklahoma State has a very scary team to me this year and I think that this is the year that they will outshine OU. Reid at quarterback will be conduit between Bowman at WR and the two backs Savage and Toston. If Reid learned from last years OU game then this offense can be an absolute monster. On the defensive side of the ball the secondary could use a little work but the aggressive style of this defense can cause some turnovers.

Season Prediction: 10-2
Wins: Georgia, Florida Atlantic, Troy, Tech, Sam Houston, K-State, Texas, Kansas, Baylor, Oklahoma

Texas return McCoy and most of his receivers from last year and then throw in Charles and Texas is very tough to beat. If McCoy can stay healthy, Texas will win the Big 12 Title. The defensive front seven is one of the best in the nation and if the secondary can replace what they lost they will be a top 5 defense. So just like last year the fate of this team is on the health of McCoy.

Season Prediction: 11-1
Wins: Arkansas State, TCU, UCF, Rice, K-State, OU, Iowa State, Baylor, Nebraska, Tech, A&M

Franchione has A&M back to thinking they are world beaters and rightly so after the embarrassing loss to Cal in the Holiday Bowl. Fran must first decide on what kind of quarterback he wants McGee to be and stick with it. Lane could be a hell of a back if they use him consistently. Defensively A&M returns a lot of starters from a bipolar defense. Until the defense can play on an even keel don't look for them to win any games for the Aggys.

Season Prediction: 6-6
Wins: Montana State, Fresno State, Louisiana Monroe, Baylor, Kansas, Missouri

This Tech team has so many questions on both offense and defense that I can't honestly tell you where they will stand. Harrell, Crabtree and Woods (Yes, he will be the starter) will put up the numbers but others are going to have to make plays consistently. Defensively the secondary will be strong and if the front seven can get their crap together and ease the burden this can be a top 25 Defense.

Season Prediction: 8-4
Wins: SMU, UTEP, Rice, NW State, Iowa State, A&M, Colorado, Baylor

Big 12 South Standings:
1. Texas
2. Oklahoma State
3. Oklahoma
4. Tech
5. A&M
6. Baylor


Red Andrews said...

I thought for sure that our ability to pull an 18-wheeler up a hill would give us our first Big12 South title. No? Maybe if we pull two trucks up a hill . . .

Cabron Guey said...

Ballsy predictions there.

Tapo said...

Noooooo way OSU will be that good this year.

Bob Knight's Eyebrows said...

umm...something doesn't add up...or apparently our prayers will be answered and the earth will open up and swallow the stadium when a&m and oSu play. ;)