Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Double T Nation Roundtable

We've never done this before you know, we're so new at this. That hasn't stopped us from anything thus far. And it won't stop us from making a fool of ourselves now.

Apparently "Roundtable" posts work thusly: We asked Double T Nation a few questions and he has answered them at his site, so please visit our Tech blog buddy to see how Seth has answered these same questions. We still wonder why the table is round, but whatever.

Just so you know, yesterday was Bond J. Bond's birthday. I had pledged to my spouse that I would not turn on my PC for 24 hours so that we could spend time together. Crack is less addictive, I'm sure. I'm still a little jittery this morning, so bear with me...but baby, I'm back!

Here we go...

When do freshmen report to Fall Camp?

Bond J. Bond: We know that players should start reporting August 7, but wonder if anyone out there has any inside scoop as to when practice dates actually are.

I really can't wait.

What does the future hold for Tech Baseball now that Spencer is on board?

Jacque Strap:
Spencer will be the shot in the arm that Tech Baseball has needed for the past few seasons. The players on the field have had a tough time relating to the current staff and the combo of Spencer and Petrie will provide the youth and aggressiveness that the team really needs. The fact that Spencer has rings to show recruits and players can speak volumes as does Hays' recommendation that Spencer be his successor.

Cabron Guey: I say it's an immediate improvement in pitching. Oregon State led the Pac-10 in earned run average in both 2005 (3.06) and 2006 (3.41). Tech now has a PAID assistant coach at the pitching position.

Why has Tech Baseball struggled the past few years while other Big XII teams prospered?

Jacque Strap:
I think there are a few reasons for this. Frank and Emo leaving really hurt the program. Those were the guys that the players could relate to on and off the field and that not only affects recruiting but the clubhouse as well. The rule changes in NCAA baseball the past few years made it very difficult for Hays to do the things he was doing in the past. The reliance on juco transfers is hard on a program in the clubhouse and on the field. They have no time to gel before one group is on the way out and there have been very few 4 year players.

Who will be Tech Football's next star?

Bond J Bond: I'll take the layup, thanks...his name will be Michael Crabtree. And all of the DiscoTech contributors were in agreement with this vote. We dare you to name someone else, Seth.

Just how overrated is A&M in this year's pre-season poll?

yar: About as overrated as they always are.

Researchers at Harvard University may be close to inventing a drug that deletes bad memories, but for once the Aggies are at the head of the pack when it comes to cutting-edge scientific research.

How else can you explain the annual summer drumbeat from College Station?

This is the year. McGee is the toughest Aggie since John Kimbrough. Tell us will catch 100 balls with 22 touchdowns. Javorskie Lane will demolish opposing defenses and play on more than two consecutive plays.

Javorskie demonstrates his running ability

Well, this year's no different. The Aggies are back. So what if they were exposed against Cal and outlasted by Tech. So what if their coaching staff was embarrassed by Oklahoma and they needed a goal line stand to beat Army.


So what!

They beat the worst Texas team this millennium playing its worst game in a decade by knocking out its quarterback on a dirty play! Bring on 2007! This is the year!

Old Army is back. Patton supposedly only needed a handful of Texas Aggies to win a war, but Frannie will need an avalanche of good luck to come close to matching last year's misleadingly good record.

This years Aggie collapse will be doubly sweet when viewed against the backdrop of the inflated expectations that flavor this year's maroon Kool-Aid.

Our prediction? The Aggies will be 5-1, possibly 6-0, coming into Lubbock the second weekend of October. Fine. But the second half of their schedule is brutal. On the road against Texas Tech, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. A game at home against what will no doubt be a fired-up Texas squad.

With other games against Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Miami, not to mention the Mr. Pibb Brazos River Shootout against Baylor, it's hard to see the aggies as anything better than 7-5. The more likely scenario is that Fran will finally wear out his welcome and meet the firing line after another below .500, missed bowl game season.

Cabron Guey: A&M has a lot of talent returning from last year's team, and they have arguably the best offensive line in the Big XII. However, they are playing a murderous road schedule with games at Miami, Tech, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri, so while they might have their best team in years, their schedule won't reflect the fact.

Plus, that knucklehead Dennis Franchione is their Head Coach and you can always count on him screwing up somehow.

What is your favorite variety of Samuel Adams?

Jacque Strap: Sam Adams Pale Ale. Good beer for any type of drinking whether it be a meal or just knocking back one after the other when you are watching a game. Has the malt to give the beer body but enough hops to satisfy the hop heads.

Bond J. Bond: The original is fine by me. I'm more of a Knob Creek Kentucky Bourbon kind of a guy.

DiscoTech's Extra Credit Question! After football practice ........ who is the longest in the showers?

Bond J Bond: I love a good double-entendre as much as the next guy, I'm Bond for goodness sakes. Yes ladies, I am a cunning linguist as well.

I'm going to have to play this one straight, though. This comes from actual knowledge of the location and layout of the showers inside the Jones. I know for a fact that the exit for the showers happens to be to the left-of-center...and since we have a player that has a tough time with his left-of-center vision,
I'm going with Graham Harrell.

Thanks, DTN for the chance to have this discussion, we'll look forward to the next go-round when you ask DiscoTech! your questions!

Until then, Wreck 'em.

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