Sunday, July 8, 2007

the return of video game football is nigh!

as some of you may or not be aware, the return of video game football is nearly upon us with the july 17th release date of NCAA 08 from EA Sports. this is the time of year those not fortunate enough to play real football and be paid by usc boosters or bailed out of jail by ut boosters look forward to as an outlet to settle scores with friends or coach our teams the way we always wanted to. we can pretend that our school has what it takes to win the big 12 and a true 'mythical' national championship. every day that isnt saturday from july to january is filled with epic video game battles between friends or jackasses online who line up their wideouts at quarterback and run the option the entire game. Im starting to think it is more that a mere coincidence that I stay single in the fall.

with the advent of 'next gen' systems, the look and options of the games have only increased in greatness. since the days of bill walsh college football, there has always been this absurd look to the jones and for the first time in video game history they have corrected this awful mistake and we have a true representation of my favorite place to be on saturdays in the fall.

so on july 17th, ditch work, school or whatever prior obligation you may have and I will meet you online for some football.

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