Friday, May 25, 2007

My suggestions to save Tech Baseball

No need to worry Texas Tech Baseball fans! Passive Aggressor is here to save the day. Here is my five step program to save the sport.

1) Fire Larry Hays- I am a Larry Hays fan, hell when I was at Tech our team was badass but lately Larry Hays has been like Don Nelson in his last season with the Mavs-Just showing up not really caring and the team just kinda coasting with no direction. Tech needs to find a coach like either a young unproven hungry genius or a veteran coach looking to prove something and not keep some guy who just wants to get to some milestone victory platform.

2) Improve Dan Law Field-

I love Dan Law Field but it to small and cramped where it’s at. TCU had the same problem a few years back, their solution was to build a brand new state of the art ballpark just a few blocks down the road. Tech has plenty of Land let’s build a badass ballpark.

3) Don’t Bring in Dumbasses - Seriously how the hell does a D1 athlete in one of the major sports not keep his/her grades up? Be a fucking dumbass that’s how. It’s hard to grow a program if you keep losing scholarships because you have stupid idiots not making their grades.

4) Have free admission for HOT Females wearing little to no clothing- Hot women at sporting events increases attendence for evdience please see this hot soccer fan.

I would attend anything if the stands were filled with these.

5) Serve Beer- This will ensure a good time no matter how well the team performs. Plus nothing beats beer, a dog, hot chicks and baseball.

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